Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Love Ya, Mom!

Yes, Mother's Day is done but I haven't had a chance to talk about this great person I call "mom".  Ok, you know all the important stuff like she gave birth to me, she took care of me for 18 years, she made me chicken soup when I was sick....  Blah, blah, blah.  But that doesn't really tell you who she is.

Gram is her name, or at least it became that about 13 or so years ago when she became a grandma.  But don't you dare call her "grandma", that's totally forbidden.  I'm guessing she thinks "Gram" sounds more sophisticated and less... well, old.  hehe

Here's a few interesting facts you should know about this fantastic lady!
  1. Green thumb like you wouldn't believe.  If it can grow, she can make it grow bigger and more beautiful than before.  Its no problem for her to start whole plants from small snippets of the original.  We worked together at a greenhouse that sold native plants when I was in high school.  Unfortunately, I didn't get all the "mad" skills that she has. :(
  2. Wonderful cook!  Southern style, of course.  My favorite growing up was fried potatoes and Mom always gave me one piece of raw potato to munch on while they cooked.   
  3. Interior designer extraordinaire.  Along with being a fantastic seamstress.  Her house is always perfect and she always knows what colors/textures go well together.  Once again these skills were not inherited :(
  4. She likes to sneak in the kitchen late at night to drink a glass of buttermilk with cornbread.  There's also some talk about her eatting tomato and mayo sandwiches when she was growing up???  Yeah, I don't understand it either but like I said, she's a southern gal.  
  5. She hates to be tickled.  Hates!  She will hurt you if you even try.  And her signature move is to twist the skin on the backside your arm.  Ouch!
  6. She is meticulous about her teeth.  She brushes and flosses after every meal.  Although, she's had her share of dental work and those chompers in the front aren't real (shh, don't tell!)
  7. When I was a teenager, my mom and I were very close, something that's almost unheard of in today's society.  We spent lots of time shopping together along with working together.  And it is no surprise that she was also my maid-of-honor went I got married.  There's no one else I'd rather have by my side on my big day than her.
  8. And the last great thing about my mom is that she's not just a mom but also a great friend!  We both hate to talk on the phone but sometimes we can sit for hours and chat about anything and everything.  And when we do get to see each other (which isn't often enough) one of the highlights of the trip is always "Coffee and Conversation" which is exactly what the name implies.
Here's Mom's Gram's Mother's Day presents!  Hope she likes them!

I just want to say thank you to Gram for being the great person that you are each and every day.

I love you, Mom!


  1. Leslie...that was such a beautiful and touching post.You are so fortunate to have such a wonderful relationship with your Mom. I lost my Mom many years ago and miss her terribly.
    Lauren looks so much like her Gram, such a great picture! I am sure she just loved her gifts made especially for her.

  2. What a wonderful post and beautiful glam Gram!

  3. What a great way you have expressed your love!

    Sissy & Jack's

  4. I really like the way you described your mum, she sounds lovely to get to know.

  5. So sweet! You can feel the love you have for her. Enjoy the day! Erin

  6. Your Mom sounds like a fantastic person to know. I am sure she is very proud of you as well!!!

  7. Brought tears to my eyes - lost my mum many years ago. Tell her you love her and hold her tight as often as you can.

  8. Your Mom sounds like a very special person! You are lucky to have her in your life.

  9. Great post! My Grandaddy loved buttermilk & cornbread too( my Grammie just drank hers straight), as for tomato & mayo sandwiches~ yum!

  10. Great post, Leslie! You made her some VERY nice gifts!

  11. I'm sure Gram will love both of those bracelets...they're fab! Oh and I love tomato and mayo sandwiches! Makes me long for summer...

  12. What a sweet post, and such a great picture!

  13. what a beautiful tribute to your mom, ouch, Gram.. bravo leslie!!

  14. Lovely post. Gram will no doubt be totally thrilled with her beautiful jewellery!

  15. What a nice tribute to your mom! I adored my mom and now I love my daughter in the same way!

    I think I read your blog from start to finish.You are so good to other jewelers and it was all so informative. I love your work.

    "We" are mother/daughter team from Minnesota (my Kat and me). We are only a couple months old and would love to have you come and visit our new blog.

    We really aren't all about our jewelry, though we are busy with jewelry for a fair right now. Mostly about our life and loves!


  16. sounds like your mom is great! i too will hurt someone, if they tickle me and my mom hates being called grandma as well! she wants to be called by her first name, go figure.

  17. Lesli,
    Thank you for becoming a follower on our blog! I just signed us up for the Show What You Create Day on friday...that should be interesting. We are wildly creating! Who said this would be easy huh? I am trying to get as much out of my daughter as I can before she leaves for Mexico. It will be hard doing the sale myself but Jud will help.