Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Bags Are Packed. I'm Ready to Go...

I'm all packed up and ready to go to Art Bliss.  Can you hear my screams of joy through the computer?  Quite a few of my beading buddies are all a buzz about this weekend.  Good times with great people.  I hope to see you there.

My two partners in crime are Shelby Foxwell from Sundown Bead Designs and Sue Kennedy from Sue Beads.  I am blessed to spend my time with such lovely ladies.  Please check out their work when you have a chance.  You won't be disappointed!

And now for a few pieces I've made for my mom and big sis.

My sister requested a necklace made with some gorgeous amazonite stones I acquired recently.  I love these stones!  Lots of character and great color.
Unfortunately, my picture really didn't do this stone justice.  Some stones just have to be seen in person I guess.  This is quite simple but that's the type of jewelry my sis prefers.

But I felt like the necklace was just too easy to make so I had to try something else with the same colors.  Yeah, I've been making these bracelets a lot lately.  I really like their bulkiness and weight.  Plus, hammering the copper washers really relieves a lot of stress ;)

 My mom on the other hand likes things a little more funky and crazy.  She was admiring some copper face beads in my stash when I saw her last.  She just loved their cute expressions and asked if I could put something together in peaches and orange.  I added in the seashell and beach stone since she's a beach lover.

 This guy reminds me of a wise old owl with a mustache :)
 And this one reminds me of a scrawny looking scarecrow trying his best to keep away those pesky crows in the garden.

Ok, that's it for me.  I wish you all the best weekend and safe travels to my friends visiting Art Bliss :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Four Letter Word - Fall

This little critter is just trying to get his work done.  He doesn't have time for that horrible four letter word.   Oh, you know which word I'm talking about.  The one that makes all the leaves turn golden yellow and crimson red.  And the same word that produces a gust of that icy cold air that takes your breath away and turns the tip of your nose a soft shade of pink.  Yes, the same one that makes dusk happen much earlier than those longer, hot days before it.

Is this a word of terror and dread?  Or one of happiness and glee?

Of course it depends on how you look at it.  Yes, winter is right around the corner but...

...the crabapples that have fallen off my tree have painted the lawn a warm shade of orange.  What a sweet smell!

...who can resist jumping into a big pile of freshly raked leaves?  What a great crunch sound they make!


...the stars are so much brighter in that cold sky.  And we all need a good star sometimes to wish on.

Its here whether we like it or not so "go with the flow".  Let Autumn be a friend of yours during the next few months.  Bundle up and sip hot cider.  Enjoy beautiful foliage with its many warm colors.  Sit back and take in all this glorious season has to offer.

And a few autumn inspired pieces to keep that warm feeling going!

Crab Agate / Ocean Jasper Copper Bracelet

Amazonite / Aquamarine Copper Bracelet

Ocean Jasper Copper Leaf Bracelet

Impression Jasper / Ocean Jasper Copper Twist Bracelet

Crab Agate / Aquamarine / Ocean Jasper Copper Bracelet

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Do You Know This Stone?

Hm, I think I need some help.  I bought this stone a long time ago and I can't remember what the name is or even where I bought it.  I know that it is a real stone and not man made.  It has areas of purple, yellow/gold, and some light green.  Any thoughts?  It was a perfect match for the gold brass and purple amethyst stones I added here.

Enlightenment Lotus Snake Skin Agate Bracelet

Wishbone Labradorite Sterling Necklace

Happy Buddha Ocean Jasper Necklace

Sunset Turquoise Sterling Necklace

These items are being listed today.  I'm moving in slow motion since the weather has been wonderful here :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

20% SALE in the shop!

Just a quick note to say EVERYTHING is on sale at the Bei Mondi Etsy shop!  20% off sale is going on now until September 14th and I'll be adding new items all week.  Please keep in mind the prices listed on Etsy are the original prices so you'll be getting 20% off these prices.  To get your discount simply buy as usual and the discount will be refunded through Paypal after checkout.  Happy shopping :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Pieces for the Urban Gypsy

Here are some new pieces for the Urban Gypsy in the Polish Hill district of Pittsburgh!

Reticulated Quartz Sterling Dangles

Organic Turquoise Sterling Earrings

Ocean Jasper, Rose Quartz, and Pearl Necklace

Wire Wrapped Turquoise Sterling Hoops

Smoky Quartz, Opal, and Pearl Dangles

Mystic Quartz Angel Wing Necklace

Tanzanite, Hessonite, and Pearl Dangles

Sparkling Amethyst Sterling Dangles

And here is my second zentangle creation.  These are getting quite addicting!  Love seeing what materializes as the pen hits the paper.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Do you like to doodle? Have you heard of Zentangle?

My first Zentangle

This art form is actually meditation. The repetition of patterns is supposed to help you go into a calming, destress zone.

No eraser allowed here. Just like with life, if you screw up you learn to incorporate those little mistakes into something meaningful.

There aren't many rules here either. Wanna draw something upside down? Go for it. Wanna add in a flower or maybe a bird? Go for it. Wanna do an endless swirl mimicking Suessville? Do it!!!

Here's a cute video on this interesting artform. Give it a try!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When You're Given Lemons Make Lemonade

Ok, ok.  So the last craft show was far from a success.  But it was actually a great day to sit back, listen to live music, and meet other artists.  I was able to see how the craft show thing works and what makes or breaks a good booth.  

Mental note: Black table cloth with bad lighting = Bad idea 

You live and you learn, right?  Gotta move forward and be positive!  And I did snatch some wonderful handmade goodies while I was there :)

So now I have oodles of new pieces to show off!

All of these are in the Bei Mondi Etsy shop right now and I'll be adding more later today.  

And, September has officially begun which means the countdown starts for Art Bliss!  Have you checked it out?  Some really great classes are being held there.  Cindy from Sweet Bead Studios and Jeanette from are the gurus behind the event.  And my roomie once again is Shelby from Sundown Bead Designs.  You couldn't be in better company!!!  These girls are amazing artists with amazing personalities :)  I'm checking off the days on my calendar.  Only 23 days left!