Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Bags Are Packed. I'm Ready to Go...

I'm all packed up and ready to go to Art Bliss.  Can you hear my screams of joy through the computer?  Quite a few of my beading buddies are all a buzz about this weekend.  Good times with great people.  I hope to see you there.

My two partners in crime are Shelby Foxwell from Sundown Bead Designs and Sue Kennedy from Sue Beads.  I am blessed to spend my time with such lovely ladies.  Please check out their work when you have a chance.  You won't be disappointed!

And now for a few pieces I've made for my mom and big sis.

My sister requested a necklace made with some gorgeous amazonite stones I acquired recently.  I love these stones!  Lots of character and great color.
Unfortunately, my picture really didn't do this stone justice.  Some stones just have to be seen in person I guess.  This is quite simple but that's the type of jewelry my sis prefers.

But I felt like the necklace was just too easy to make so I had to try something else with the same colors.  Yeah, I've been making these bracelets a lot lately.  I really like their bulkiness and weight.  Plus, hammering the copper washers really relieves a lot of stress ;)

 My mom on the other hand likes things a little more funky and crazy.  She was admiring some copper face beads in my stash when I saw her last.  She just loved their cute expressions and asked if I could put something together in peaches and orange.  I added in the seashell and beach stone since she's a beach lover.

 This guy reminds me of a wise old owl with a mustache :)
 And this one reminds me of a scrawny looking scarecrow trying his best to keep away those pesky crows in the garden.

Ok, that's it for me.  I wish you all the best weekend and safe travels to my friends visiting Art Bliss :)


  1. I'm sitting here crying that I can't go.

    Jewelry is lovely!

  2. ok, keep rubbing it in! Have fun with the girls! Love the new pieces!

  3. All pieces are beautiful, but the bracelet with the amazonite is my favorite. Have a great time at ArtBliss, Leslie. Lucky you get to hang out with all the blogging friends and take workshops with some incredible instructors. I think I will go cry quietly in my coffee...

  4. hello Buzzy bee!!i 'm sure you will enjoy a lot ARTBLISS!! what a chance!! this amazonite is wonderful! see you soon!

  5. The lava bead looks awesome with the amazonite (or aquamarine?) and copper! I would never have thought to combine those but they really compliment each other!

  6. I love the little bead faces! Your pieces are great! Hammering does wonders doesn't it? I'm on my way out the door! See ya there!

  7. Beautiful work, as usual! Have a fun weekend!

  8. Wonderful pieces of work. I agree. You often can't pick up the beauty of a great piece of laboradite. I am with your mom...I love funky! Many people like simpler things, though, and often those are my "go to" pieces day to day.

    Have a good experience at Art Bliss!

    Katsui Jewelry

  9. Have a great time here at is great to see you, Sue and Shelby! :-)

  10. Take me with you take me with you PLEASE take me with you!!! :) Oh my gosh since that's impossible have as much fun and learn enough for all of us!

    As usual your pieces are incredible You continually raise the bar for all the rest of us!

    Have a great time stay safe and take tons of pictures & make wonderful memories!
    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

  11. You make the most beautiful pieces!
    I hope THAT weekend was well as this one now.