Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When You're Given Lemons Make Lemonade

Ok, ok.  So the last craft show was far from a success.  But it was actually a great day to sit back, listen to live music, and meet other artists.  I was able to see how the craft show thing works and what makes or breaks a good booth.  

Mental note: Black table cloth with bad lighting = Bad idea 

You live and you learn, right?  Gotta move forward and be positive!  And I did snatch some wonderful handmade goodies while I was there :)

So now I have oodles of new pieces to show off!

All of these are in the Bei Mondi Etsy shop right now and I'll be adding more later today.  

And, September has officially begun which means the countdown starts for Art Bliss!  Have you checked it out?  Some really great classes are being held there.  Cindy from Sweet Bead Studios and Jeanette from are the gurus behind the event.  And my roomie once again is Shelby from Sundown Bead Designs.  You couldn't be in better company!!!  These girls are amazing artists with amazing personalities :)  I'm checking off the days on my calendar.  Only 23 days left!


  1. Sorry it wasn't a huge success, I had a rough one on Saturday too . . .Don't lose faith!!

    Love the new stuff!


  2. Craft shows certainly are a challenge. I always do them, because I make more money there than anywhere else for the time being. I hope that changes at some point.
    Love the new bracelets, I am learning more and more about using copper wire and I love it too.

  3. Hi Leslie, I share your pain. Been there, had to learn that. but now you know! Your pieces are lovely. Wish I could go to the Artbliss retreat, it will be fabulous. Have fun. Hugs, Riki

  4. The pieces are lovely. Don't let that craft show drag you down. They will sell somewhere else!

  5. Art Bliss....just the name sounds so nice! I am jealous of you and Shelby...someday I would love to be able to go and learn from these very talented ladies!

  6. I think that if you learned something to help you it is a good day! I love all your pieces. There is such an earthy elegance to them. And the copper is making me think of fall.
    I am very jealous that you are going to ArtBliss. I so wish that I could be there too. I hope there will be another so that I can try to come one day! Enjoy the day, Leslie!

  7. Hey Leslie, these pieces are stunning! We are looking forward to seeing you and Shelby at ArtBLISS! I can't believe it's only 23 days away!!

  8. Really?! Only 23 days? So exciting! Sorry to hear that your show was...blah...That's a stinker!

  9. I'm sorry it was a bad show. Email me if you're up to it, I have a lot of tips about shows. For instance, black is many times perceived by customers as a negative if there isn't enough color to balance it out. My worst show ever was when I did an all black display. If you like the black bottom, try a contrast color topper, perhaps.

    Seriously, email me, I'd love to help bounce around some ideas! lori at lorianderson dot net. Your jewelry is too pretty to go unnoticed!

  10. Thanks for the support friends! This is why I love the blogging community. Such love :)

  11. I am a bigger woman and love your chunky pieces. Now I need to check your Etsy, too!

    Katsui Jewelry

  12. Sorry to hear that the show wasn't all that and a bag of chips. We were going to go out, but had reports of crazy traffic and blockages in the tunnels, so ended up settling in for a quiet day instead. Wish I could have shown my support!

  13. HI Leslie
    Thanks for the shout out for ArtBLISS. Will be here all too soon, and we have a lot to do to prepare here!!
    You're been so busy...tons of new jewelry and the cool Zentangle doodles. I love those too...kinda like the things I used to draw on my notebooks in school all over the edges, but didn't know there was a name for it back then.