Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Four Letter Word - Fall

This little critter is just trying to get his work done.  He doesn't have time for that horrible four letter word.   Oh, you know which word I'm talking about.  The one that makes all the leaves turn golden yellow and crimson red.  And the same word that produces a gust of that icy cold air that takes your breath away and turns the tip of your nose a soft shade of pink.  Yes, the same one that makes dusk happen much earlier than those longer, hot days before it.

Is this a word of terror and dread?  Or one of happiness and glee?

Of course it depends on how you look at it.  Yes, winter is right around the corner but...

...the crabapples that have fallen off my tree have painted the lawn a warm shade of orange.  What a sweet smell!

...who can resist jumping into a big pile of freshly raked leaves?  What a great crunch sound they make!


...the stars are so much brighter in that cold sky.  And we all need a good star sometimes to wish on.

Its here whether we like it or not so "go with the flow".  Let Autumn be a friend of yours during the next few months.  Bundle up and sip hot cider.  Enjoy beautiful foliage with its many warm colors.  Sit back and take in all this glorious season has to offer.

And a few autumn inspired pieces to keep that warm feeling going!

Crab Agate / Ocean Jasper Copper Bracelet

Amazonite / Aquamarine Copper Bracelet

Ocean Jasper Copper Leaf Bracelet

Impression Jasper / Ocean Jasper Copper Twist Bracelet

Crab Agate / Aquamarine / Ocean Jasper Copper Bracelet


  1. GORGEOUS !!! I'm really crazy about your wirework dear Leslie, you really rock !

  2. have been a busy girl! Those bracelets are so gorgeous! Lovely fall colors,and the copper is just right :)

  3. very beautiful leslie - wow - you have enough leaves to rake huh?
    fyi - the zombie walk near to us is going for the world record if your hubby wants to take part! have him go to ! it's on 10.30...

  4. Oh Leslie...all those new fall pieces are so lovely! I love fall...the cool air and pretty colors.

  5. Yes, I am one that need to try and befriend Autumn... as I have to face the fact that summer is fading fast. :-( I can't believe you have so many leaves on the ground already! What gorgeous copper wirework!

  6. I just love your clasps, they are works of art! Those wrapped horseshoe-shaped loops are just gorgeous, wonderful as decorative elements in themselves, and your coiled beads add a wonderful texture. Love the colors you have chosen here--the crab agate and aquamarine are really striking together. Outstanding!

  7. You did such a great job with all that copper! I have no idea why, but the majority of my customers won't buy it and it bums me out. I'm still making some, though -- the new ceramic pieces I'm working with might make them change their minds!

    As for the seasons, I'm a staunch fan of fall and winter. I should live in Maine. I can't stand temps over 72 and I don't mind the cold. I rarely even wear a coat in the winter unless the wind is blowing.

    Yeah, I must have some mutant heat gene or something.

    The dilemma? Spring and summer jewelry is my favorite to make!