Monday, June 28, 2010

Finishing Things Up

Lauren has been busy, busy, busy finishing up the school year.  We are finally done with recitals, concerts, and working on having some fun.  I just wanted to show off what this kid has accomplished in the past few weeks.

Recital for String Camp.  She's in the middle of the photo.

Orchestra Concert
Yeah, she's the one behind the microphone stand.  Not the greatest picture unfortunately.

Dance recital for Hip-Hop and Jazz

I am so proud of all she has accomplished this year and we are ready for lots of craziness this summer!


  1. The end of the school year is always so much fun and full of lots of activities...glad you are all done and can settle into some summer fun!

  2. How wonderful for her. It is nice to get all those shows/recitals behind you..bring on summer!!!

  3. I hope that summer slows down for you a little...after all it's really time for some fun! She looks SO excited! Too cool that she plays in the orchestra:)

  4. Congrats on finishing up all the busy-ness. Now bring on the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer...

  5. How great! I was a first study cellist until 2005 when I decided singing was where my heart lay. Lovely to see so many young people making music together!