Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How Time Flies!

Man, how time flies.  Has it really been over a week since I last posted on the blog?  You know what I'm busy doing, right? 

I Made It! Mine
It's actually pretty funny cause I have no clue what I'm doing.  I'm winging it for sure.  My table set up is coming together finally after cutting and sewing 24 feet of fabric.  Oh, and Wal-mart, not the best customer service.  They accidentally cut me 3 yards rather than 8 and it took my like 2 hours to get it resolved.  I guess that's what I get for being cheap!  I'll try to take a few pictures at the show so you gals can see how it all came together.
Here's a little preview of what you will see if you come to the show on Saturday and also in the Bei Mondi shop.
Well, I can't write for too long.  There is still so much to do and I'm starting to get nervous now.  Yikes!  You girls enjoy your Wednesday and stay warm!


  1. Take a deep breath - I'm sure you will be fine and it will all come together. That last necklace - oooh, do I love the colour of that gem!

  2. Pretty pretties! The first one is the hardest! Have a good time! Maybe I'll be able to get down there!

  3. You'll be great! Just be yourself, those jewels will fly out of your booth! I agree, the first on is the hardest. Have fun with it and I guarantee that others will too!
    Enjoy the day, Leslie!

  4. Good luck with the show, I'm sure it will all end well.

  5. cheers!! beutifuls pieces again!! princess one is specialy stuning!! bravo!! good luk for your event.. and keep cool !!

  6. Leslie, I feel your pain...I'm always SO stressed before a show. I hope that you have a great turn out this weekend and let us know how you do.

  7. I love doing shows! I actually like the whole process except for taking everything down. Remember it is a learning process, and have fun with it!

  8. Leslie
    You're going to have a wonderful booth! I sure wish I lived close enough to attend. And your new pieces are all so pretty...I especially love the "Princess" necklace.

  9. Leslie, I'm sure everything will be just perfect! Your jewelry are WONDERFUL!!!
    GOOD LUCK and enjoy the show!
    Lots of love, Sanda xx

  10. What a cute poster and awesome jewelry!

    This weekend I was supposed to do a show, but they're calling for up to 2 feet of snow, so..... wallet goes empty.

  11. You are going to be smashing!!! Your jewelry is so beautiful and so perfect. Lovely little reminders of Spring, the beach and warm weather. No worries cuz your pieces will sell themselves!!!

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

  12. I hope that your show went well! I love your jewelry