Monday, December 7, 2009

Bah, Humbug!

Let's face it, we've all had those days when you just don't want to be bothered and you are completely annoyed at everything.  I realized this morning while driving my kid to school that I must be having one of those days.  I guess it's a sign when you see kids in the hallway and you just want to ask them, "What are you looking at?"  and when you are complaining that your kid closed the car door too hard when you did it exactly the same way.  Or when you get annoyed with the lady who is in a hurry in the car behind you and you purposely decide to go as slow as you can so she can have an awful day too.  I promise, I'm not a horrible person and I usually don't act like scrooge but I'm entitled to one day every now and then, right?

On a happier note, my trip to the Pittsburgh Glass Center was a blast.  Several artists set up booths to sell their glass art.  We also watched a group make a huge glass Christmas stocking that took about 2 1/2 hours to create with the help of five people.  These guys reminded me of a doctor doing surgery.  They all seemed to work so well together and could anticipate each other's next move.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the completed piece since they only held it up for like 15 seconds and I didn't have my camera ready and they said it would take about 14 hours for it to cool enough to show.  Darn! 


The only bad experience in the whole trip was when I was leaving.  I was meeting a group there but I also decided to take Lauren along.  Well, it wasn't in the best area of town.  And as you might expect, someone came up and asked us for money as we were leaving.  As adults I think most of us are familiar with this and even though it is an uncomfortable situation we learn to deal with it.  For Lauren this was the first time.  Even though the man didn't seem to mean us any harm, it was dark and I think she could sense that I was a little on edge.  On the drive home I didn't notice right away how quiet she was being because I was focusing on driving in the craziness of downtown.  Once I got on the highway I looked in the back seat to find her with this horrible look of fear on her face.  When I asked her if she was ok she busted out crying.  Poor thing! 

I have some new items to list soon but I still need to take photos.  I feel like I've really been dragging my feet lately.  I'm having a tough time selling although I've tried different ideas to bring in more sales.  If anyone has constructive critism they could offer me I would love the advice.  Don't worry, I don't get my feelings hurt that easily and I'm very open to suggestions.  You gals have been down this road and you know what works.

I also need advice on another subject.  I'm asking for tools and books for Christmas and I'd like to know what tools you use the most and why.  I am definitely interested in metal/wire working tools but I don't know which ones I would get the most use out of and which ones are really worth the money.  I love your suggestions!  :)

Ok, I'll do my best to change my attitude today.  Maybe a little piece of chocolate will help.  Or maybe a whole box of chocolate. ;)  I hope you enjoy the day!


  1. Oh I know those days and completely get where you are coming from but the way you wrote it sure made me laugh out loud, so I shared it with my hubby and he had a good laugh too, I do hope you are having a better day now and enjoy your chocolate fix.

    I'm sorry your daughter got frightened were you able to set her to ease afterwards? It isn't nice to see our kids like that, I know.

    I have no ideas to aid you re increasing sales but will be following the advice given by others as I will need it too for when I open an Etsy account in the new year.

  2. Or wine! I hope your day gets better. Cool photos of the glass center! Did you get to make an ornament or anything?

  3. I have days like this...I call them PMS, Even if they happen weekly. :)
    Hope you feel better.
    It is hard for kids to see the other side of life...homelessness. We took our girls to Chicago for a summer vacation a few years ago and this was the first time they saw homeless people up close. They ended up giving away all their spending money over the days we were there.
    Take care, Suz

  4. Kella, I can't wait to see your new Etsy shop. I wish you much success.

    Sue, yes wine would be nice although I have to pick my daughter up from school later. The teachers might be wondering why I'm overly happy. :)

    Suz, that is so sweet they gave away all their money. What great kids you have!

  5. I am so glad that you had fun at the glass making. That would be cool. Our local University just opened a glass studio. I really want to take a class in anything!

    Sorry that your daughter was so frightened. Kids really reflect what we are feeling, don't they? We make an effort to always give to those less fortunate, especially around the holidays. Maybe that might be a good option, to donate to a soup kitchen or food pantry to reinforce the blessings that we have.

    I am interested in going online for selling 2010 so I don't have any words of wisdom...yet. I am inspired by all that is out there, and to differentiate yourself is key. Great photos, intriguing descriptions and ease of use is all I can suggest. I think that your designs are great. I also sell at an artist's coop in town. That Gallery exposure is really doing wonders for me. Maybe there is someplace in your area that would work for you? I look at it as a stepping stone...ultimately my cirle will broaden because of it.

    I am also just getting into the metal working thing. From Jeanette Blix I bought some cool letter stamps, and a dapping block, maybe some custom bead caps are in my future. I have a great steel shot filled custom created bench block pillow that helps with hammering immensely. Email me if you want the Etsy sellers info.

    Enjoy the day, Leslie!

  6. We all have those days. I always apologize to my kids in advance if I'm having a bad day. I tell them it's me and not anything they're doing. They totally understand.
    Hope your day gets better.

  7. It is so nice to climb into bed after a day that's rattled our feathers and start fresh the next day.

    I am pretty basic as far as tools. I would like a dappling block, preferably steel.

  8. Leslie,

    A mom's got a right to a cranky day every so often, and I think chocolate is a good treatment when going to the beach isn't an option :)

    You did a great job with your daughter!! Waiting to see what your daughter's perception of a situation is before you tell her what her preceptions are shows a great deal of respect for her on your part. Bravo!!

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

  9. Leslie
    Sounds like you are having some ups and downs...I hope tomorrow is a better day. Yes, we all have days like this.
    As for know I'm big on my tumbler!!! A good Lortone is invaluable(not sure if you have one yet). I like Erin's suggestion for the bench pillow...I do need one of those. :-)

  10. Morning Leslie, Late last night I stumbled across another way to advertise our wares and had to try it out straight away, I blogged about it straight away as well.

    I know you found the posting before I got chance to post another comment here but thought I would share it here anyway since you had raised the topic, in case others wanted to try it.

    Anyway you are probably just waking up so I'll wish you a better brighter day than yesterday.

  11. I hate those days too! Forget about it, start fresh today, and yes go have a few chocolates!

  12. I love to watch glass artisans at work too. BTW I love the artistic wire worker set for hand coiling. I also love receiving books as gifts - my blog has a list of my favorites in the middle sidebar.

  13. I know this is a day later, so hopping that today has been better for you. I'm watching snow fall - our first - time to get out the shovel, ugh!!

    As for tools, here's just a few I love and highly recommend:
    *Lortone tumbler from Connie Fox (pass on the HF version; it's cheap because, it's cheap!)
    *Fretz hammers from
    *Lindstrom pliers/cutters from Connie Fox or urban maille
    *Swanstrom round and chain nose pliers from Rio
    *Pepe disc cutter from Connie Fox
    *Butane torch (model used by Anne Mitchell)

    Books for learning and inspiration:
    Ruth Rae - Charming Exchange
    Ronna Weltman's polymer clay book
    Kate Mckinnon's PMC books
    Barbara Becker Simon's metal clay book
    Liz Jones - Fine Silver Fusing
    Robert Dancik - Amulets and Talismans
    Connie Fox's dvd about color

    Hope Santa comes through for you!!

  14. Thanks for your help girls! Lots of good items for me to look at. I wonder how generous Santa will be this year!

  15. And here I thought I was the only one who was tempted to get a bit of "payback" in the parking lot occasionally! Hang in there and hope the next few days bring you a brighter turn of mind!

  16. You know Leslie, we all have these days. I honor your courage to write about it. This post had to feel good to get it off your chest. You cleared space to make room for better feelings, thoughts and thinking. That's healthy. Don't forget to stay in touch with your imagination. We are all challenged with this, and have to remember that our creative freedom is what drives our inspiration. You are doing great, your work is fabulous. Sounds like you are ready for some new inspiration. Big hug, Riki

  17. Oh Leslie...I know I'm a little late but...BIG HUGS:)...we've all had days like this! If you don't your just not normal!