Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Wow, where is the time going?  It was just Halloween, right?  This time of year really passes by in a blur.  It's a shame we can't extend it through January and February when there's nothing to do and the weather is so miserable.  I promise I'll have another jewelry exchange in those nasty winter months to keep us all entertained.

And it's typical of me to wait until the last minute to order all my supplies for family gifts.  I'm doing more simplistic pieces for everyone with the same theme.  I don't want to give too much away in case they are reading this.  I can't wait to show you girls the finished product after the holidays.  How are your gifts coming along?  Are any of you creating gifts this year?

I've also been doing a lot of thinking about changing my style or look of the the pieces I sell.  After the first of the year I would like to go with a more simplistic modern look and may be a lot more in silver.  I will still be using copper quite often but mostly for the pieces I make for myself or family.  I still love copper and it won't be taken out completely.  This will give me the flexibility to hopefully make some creative pieces without worrying about the cost of time involved and what it might take to sell a piece.  I guess copper would turn into my hobby metal and silver would be for resale.  We'll see how it goes!

I finally took a picture of the tree.  We went overboard with the tree decorations this year.  We even have a boxer ornament.  My fur babies did their best to stay still while I snapped a few shots.  Nothing like a nice bone to intice them to sit in front of the tree for me. 

And we made Christmas cookies last week.  I was on sugar overload that day with all the icing and sprinkles.  We stuck a few in the freezer to stay fresh for Santa.  Hope he likes them.

Lauren looks half asleep in this picture.  She's probably coming down from a big sugar high while she stuffs more goodies into her mouth.  

I wish you girls the best on your Christmas shopping.  Hopefully none of you will get too stressed out.  It is a crazy time of year.  :)


  1. Your pups look so happy with their bones and Lauren with her cookie! Enjoy all your sweets!

  2. Your pooches look like they are more than happy to sit in front of the tree with those honking bones! I'm sure they'd love another one of those bones for Christmas!! Too Cute!

    The jewelry sales have come to a grinding halt online...I need to figure out something different too. HUMMMM!!

    The cookies look yummy...I know my kids ate cookies like crazy this weekend too!

  3. wow, that's a loaded cookie, yum!
    love the doggie photo too!

  4. Your daughter is so cute. Love your tree and LOVE your boxers. I did not know you had a couple as well!!! Sweet.

  5. Leslie: I'm countin' on you to organize that bracelet exchange! The dogs ... what is it about animals that make you smile. Dueling bones. I bet they didn't even last the night. And good for Lauren, you did say she was the Royal Taste Tester didn't you?!

  6. And I was wondering who was going to get the furry packages under the tree...
    Enjoy the season - and I am looking forward to the next exchange!

  7. Leslie
    You hit the nail on the head...not to get too stressed out in this busy season (was that advice meant for me directly??) :-) And yes, I ordered supplies too late...just decided to make a few things and paid for 3-day shipping from Artbeads! I ordered this morning though and they've already shipped! We still need to do our cut-out cookies...hope to do that soon.

  8. yummmm!! your chrismas cookies looks absolutely delicious!!!

  9. Your fur babies posed so nicely while chewing on their bones.

    I am trying to work with what I have for my gift making but sometimes it is challenging.