Friday, December 4, 2009

What a Lovely Friday!

What a beautiful Friday!  The clouds look like cotton candy and the sun is shining bright.  I might grab my sneakers and head to the park.  I've really been MIA on the blogging scene lately.  I hope you girls forgive me.  I just finished up a project for my aunt-in-law.  Simple silver necklaces with a few birthstones for Christmas gifts she's giving away.  I hope they are well recieived.  My favorite is the Sacred Heart with the citrine stones.  After I oxidized and polished the piece it really came to life.  I love the halo around the head.

I'll be taking a trip to the Pittsburgh Glass Center tonight for the Hot Jam.  This is a free event where you can watch the master glass artists at work.  I've thought of taking classes there so this might be what finally pushes me to go ahead with it.  Sue from Sue Beads and I were talking over lunch a few weeks ago and she said this is where she learned how to make her stunning glass beads.  Her little gems are so gorgeous and I think she's running a sale right now.  I'll show off some earrings I made with her beads a little later.  Here's the link to her Etsy shop

We hope to make the Christmas Carol movie this weekend.  We went to the theater last weekend and they were sold out.  What a bummer!

Ok, that's it for me.  Enjoy yourselves and put up those holiday decorations if you haven't already!  Oh, and I'd love to see pictures of everyone's decorations to get us in the festive mood.  :)


  1. Hi Leslie! I missed ya here but I know like everyone else you're busier than ever this time of year. I bet your Aunt will be so pleased with these pretty necklaces - and proud to give them as gifts. We have not decorated for the Holidays yet so no photos to share. I'm sure we'll do something Christmas related this weekend though - you should see Randy's long list!

  2. These are some beautiful necklaces...if they are not well recieved, just send them my way. Have fun!

  3. beautifuls!! yummmmmmmmmm the dancer!! stunting!