Friday, November 20, 2009

Day Five of Artist Showcase

TGIF!  Hooray!  I think we'll be hitting the Arts and Crafts Show this weekend in Monroeville.  I'm hoping it will be better than that horrible food show.  Yuck!  I also need to go buy a turkey.  Did you guys know Thanksgiving is only in 5 days?  Yikes.  I don't even think that's long enough for a turkey to defrost to cook it.  We aren't having any family over for Thanksgiving so it will just be the three of us but I still make tons of food.  Why?  I guess to keep my little family happy.  :)  Anyone traveling during the holidays?

Ok, so it's the last day of the Thanksgiving Treasures Earring Exchange.  How sad!

Julie is a farmgirl with a vintage touch!  My favorite creation of hers is the cuff bracelets and she even has one in her shop that says "farmgirl" on it.  How cute!  "Julie, I will take your Vitamin C advice.  It is a crazy time of the year."  Please check out her blog when you have the time at Prairie Thistle.

"Shelby requested red, copper, short, and not too heavy....  I love working with all of these!  I made the earrings by cutting out tiny leaf shapes out of copper to keep the weight light, then hammered them for texture.  I added a faceted red coral bead that looked like a berry and a small rice pearl to join the metal with the faceted coral bead, it seemed like the perfect transition piece.  I then connected the copper, pearl, and coral combination to sterling silver leverback earrings that are lightweight and comfortable to wear all day...  I opted for simple, lightweight and comfortable.  A little earthy, with just a bit of red sparkle for the upcoming Holiday Season, enjoy Shelby!"

And last in the exchange is ME from the Bei Mondi blog!  I made earrings for Erin Prais-Hintz.  That was tough since this girl has been in like every beading magazine there is with amazing designs.  She asked for mixed metals and she likes the color plum.  I think I nailed both of those.  But those of us who follow her blog know that her husband is the "Bee Whisperer".  So, I had to include a bee sitting on a hammered flower.  Hope you like them, Erin!

It's so sad.  The exchange is over.  I will try to have another exchange in Febuary for bracelets.  If you are interested just let me know.  I might have only 20 people in this exchange so I can keep up with all the pictures and descriptions.  Be looking for more info on that at the first of the year. 

I hope to show off my tutorial in the next day of so for anyone who is interested.  It was a pain but it's done.  Now, go out and have some fun this weekend!


  1. Leslie - I love your earrings for Erin...I know she loved them! Can't wait for the bracelet exchange in January.....thank you for providing this opportunity to meet other artists and stay creative....xo Julie

  2. Leslie- It was such a treat to participate. I love love LOVE my BeeKeeper earrings. Perfect! (I think that there may need to be a Bee Themed room in my new home for all the wonderful goodies I have now with Bees on them!)
    Exchanges and round robins and challenges are so cool. If I am able, I will surely join the fun!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Love the earrings you made, they are just sweetest! Looking forward to the bracelet exchange.

  4. ohhh, it's over:( Such fun and you did such a great job, Leslie. I can imagine how much Erin enjoys her new earrings you created for her..and the two other showcase earrings are beautiful as well.

  5. It's been fun watching the exchange unfold and revealing the participant matches. Leslie, your earrings were PERFECT for Erin! In fact, I thought SHE made them for another.

    I would love, love to partipate in the bracelet exchange.

    Now, go get that turkey!!

    sandi m

  6. Leslie, you have done such a wonderful thing to host this exchange. It is fun to see the work of other's that I haven't seen before. Julie is one of those. Her earings are so nice and I've just had a look at her other work and I love it. You absolutely got Erin's design spot on I think. Love the bees!

  7. Leslie, I have SO enjoyed each showcase...excellent, and so much fun!

  8. I'm sorry to see it end, too. Thanks for doing such a good services to us all!

  9. Thanks, Leslie! Your exchange was such a hit and so much fun. I'd love to see your tutorial!! Is it for a publication or your blog?
    I'll be traveling next week..we are going to FL!

  10. Hi Leslie,

    You should be very proud of the incredibly wonderful job you did with the creation of your earring exchange!!! It's so easy to see how excited, happy and challenged each exchanger (not a "real" word till now!)was!! :)

    Like I said before I'm still kicking myself because I missed this exchange!! :( So if you are doing an exchange in Feb. please consider me as an "exchanger" I would LOVE to play in your sandbox with such amazingly talented
    artists!!!! :) :)

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.