Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Projects and Happy Veteran's Day!

I had to add music today.  Have you heard this song "Fireflies"?  I love it!  Listen for a bit.

Have I told you lately how much I love copper?  Here's proof.

The pins got their bath in the liver of sulfur.

If anyone knows where I can find a pin tutorial online I would greatly appreciate it.  I've been looking for Veronique and I can't find one anywhere.

And I tried to take another picture of the banana/peach slice.  If you are wondering what this is about then check the blog post from yesterday. 

All of this beautiful beadiness will be put into the Bei Mondi Etsy shop soon.

Enjoy your Veteran's Day!  We are so proud of the Veterans that have risked their lives to make ours better!


  1. Looks like fire agate in the first necklace, lovely!
    Great song! You know I never listen to anything when I am working , I really don't know why...I think I will go put on Lady Antebellum and make some country jewelry, LOL!

  2. it's a mooon!! definively!! your pin's are gorgeous!! and i love the sweet choice of stones for your necklace!! bravo Leslie!!

  3. Your necklace is "adorable" Leslie, and of course are the pins too. I vote for the peach slice more than banana ;-) Thanks for asking people to look for a tutorial.


  4. Hi Leslie
    LOVE your new necklace!!! Just gorgeous. I never thought of the banana slice as a peach...ooops, er I mean the Moon!!

  5. You may want to check Sharilyn Miller's tutorial website. She posted quite a few but I don't remember if there was one for a pin. I know she covers them in her books - which I highly recommend. not sure if any of her DVD's include a pin tut.

  6. Leslie: Love the new jewelry ... and Fireflies!

  7. Thanks ladies! Sandi, thanks for the help. I tried Sharilyn Miller's website and it has many tutorials but none for the pin. :(

  8. Thanks for sharing these pieces of jewelry...perfect in everyway! Gorgeous!