Sunday, November 15, 2009

Enter the Game Giveaway!

Everyone remember to enter the "Game Giveaway" by Sunday, Nov. 15th at 11pm (eastern time)!  Not that many people have turned in a guess yet so my 3 closest guesses get the prize.  Give it a try!  Anyone can play including participants in the exchange.  Oh, and all guesses will be kept private until the end of the game.

Enjoy your Sunday! :)


  1. Hi Leslie,
    Here are my 'for sures' and my not so sures!!

    1 - H
    2 - J
    3 - F
    4 - E
    5 - P
    6 - O
    7 - C
    8 - M
    9 - I
    10 - D
    11 - A
    12 - K
    13 - N
    14 - L
    15 - B
    16 - G

    This was fun to watch. Would love to part of the next one. Thanks.


  2. Hello, Leslie...I finally have time to visit you and see your lovely jewelry. The earrings in your game are great. Every pair is unique and wonderful. And speaking of earrings, THANK YOU, for the earrings that you sent to me as part of the Art Exchange. The colors are perfect for my wardrobe and what a pleasure it is to have one of your designs. I really enjoyed the Pittsburg album and loved seeing the photo of you and your daughter on the last very sweet. Thank you. I have never been to Pittsburgh and your album gave me a good idea of some of the attractions.
    I will be back to visit again.
    Take care