Monday, November 9, 2009

Here Comes Monday

Yep, it's the start of the week once again.  I can't complain, it's supposed to be 71 degrees here today.  Can you believe that?  In Pittsburgh!  Anywho, I was hoping to start showing off all the pretties from the earring exchange today but, unfortunately, not everyone has received their gift yet. 

Ok, I have to vent.  I don't do this very often on the blog but it's one of those days.  We went to the Pittsburgh Cooking and Food show over the weekend.  It was horrible!  Absolutely horrible!  We had hoped for cooking demos, samples of gourmet food, and possibly to see a famous chef or two.  That was not the case at all.  It was packed and I felt like we were cattle being herded around.  They had samples of popcorn where you had to go up and hold out your hand while the lady poured a few pieces in your hands.  One lady had a bowl of chocolate goodies that she was letting everyone pass by stick their hands into and then she offered some to my nine year old.  Hello, ever heard of H1N1?????  And that was the case for so many other booths.  Why don't you just give me a cookie that has been dropped on the floor and coughed on.  But what I don't get is why people were standing in this huge crowd waiting for these samples.  Yes, we paid like $15 each to get in and maybe they felt they had to get there money's worth but come on.  Oh, and a good portion of the booths had nothing to do with food at all like one guy selling windows and another selling make-up and Silpada.  What?  What are you doing at a cooking show????    It was a complete joke. 

Alright, I feel better now.  Moving on.  The "Playing Games" earrings up in the right hand corner are the spotlight item this week.  10% off for this week only in the Bei Mondi shop bringing them from $22.99 to $20.69! 

And here's one I made recently with wire wrapped multicolored pearls.  Lots of pastels in greens, pinks, grays, and even a purple.  Finished off with a large lotus flower charm that has been hammered for more texture.  Delicate and pretty!  This will go into the Bei Mondi Etsy shop today.

Sorry to vent and leave but there's lots of projects to get moving on so I'd better be going.  Enjoy the nice November day!  :)


  1. OMG! I'm sorry you had a bad cooking show but your description got me laughing hysterically! Why don't you throw the cookie on the ground and cough on it! ha, ha, ha! It's obvious that you hate being robbed of time and money ... by going to an event that was haphazardly thought out and put together. It's amazing to me that so few people can anticipate the next step (i.e. the popcorn and chocolate candy) Thanks for sharing ... I still have a crooked smile on my face!

  2. That's disappointing about the cooking show. I hate it when you're all exciting about something and then it's not at all what you expected, such a drag.
    On the other hand, your necklace is just lovely!
    Have a great day.

  3. LOL!! leslie's adventures.. always something funny here.. an Beautiful too!! what a zen and amazing necklace!! bravo Leslie!!

  4. Too bad about the show! I was too busy to go, and I'm glad! We had lots of kid things to do this weekend, but most of it was spent in Monroeville!!! Email you later!

  5. It sounds just dreadful! I wouldn't eat anything strangers have touched--ye gads! You should treat youself to a goody today to make up for that awful experience.
    Your necklace is beautiful and what a great idea to hammer it!

  6. Love the necklace.
    I can not believe what they were doing!! I am Food Safety Certified and so food handling is something I know about. They should have been serving things with gloved hands, with tongs or in sealed bags. The contamination they were serving would have shut down a show like that where I live!! That is outrageous! I would have been upset to see other trades than what was advertised. It sounds like a very disorganized event put together by someone who did not know what they were doing.

  7. I had to laugh about the H1N1 comment - they are doing the same thing at my son's YMCA program! Having a dish of candy where the kids can just stick their hands in one after the other. DUH! Love the wire-wrapped pearl necklace. The colors are gorgeous and really set off the lotus pendant.

  8. very funny! and so very beautiful - short response today - i have sick ones in my home...

  9. This piece is gorgeous!!!
    We used to love the home and garden shows too, they were similar to what you experienced...just a bunch of folks selling their wares and not usually what you are looking for!

  10. Leslie
    Sorry about the awful experience...I know I would have been irritated too! But your sense of humor made me smile!
    Your new pearl necklace is delicate and so very pretty! It's a change from what you've been making lately - and I love the soft colors.