Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Black Dog and Brown Dog

Are you kidding me? How am I supposed to take my pictures if this keeps happening?

Ok, I understand Miss Em would like her picture taken too but I don't need a nose print on my camera. Each time I venture outside to set up for photos I get a nudge in my side. Hum, wonder who that could be?

And because I feel like I keep leaving poor Miss Molly out, I will add her photo as well. She could care less about having her 15 minutes of fame. Leave her be with a good bone and she's just fine. Oh, and that mud pit she is standing in is my backyard.  It use to be beautiful before the hounds took over.

And one more pick of "Em" because she was looking at me with those big puppy eyes.  I lovingly refer to these two as "brown dog" and "black dog".

Here's what I was trying to take photos of when I was so rudely interupted.

Am I going Swarovski crazy or what? I guess there's something about that sparkle. And Norma Brink's lampwork is kinda translucent in the light. Love the browns and blues with the sterling silver. I'll be throwing this one into the Bei Mondi Etsy shop later today.

And here's a mystery photo for you.

It's been metal etched but apparently not long enough. I think my etching solution is getting weak. Maybe I accidentally left it in the light. Can you make out the picture? This, of course, will take some more time but not bad for a first try on such an elaborate stamp.

I need to absorb some of the sunshine outside before it's all gone. See ya!


  1. Ha, Looks like Black Dog is practicing her Diva poses!! :)

    Your new piece is woderful!!! It's all my favorite color combos. Although it seems that they are also this years favorites. :( Might have to find tempory new favorites till the fickle public moves on.

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx

  2. Looks like Alice to me too! Your dogs are sweet - my sister is a great lover of boxers and she would be drooling over your girls!

  3. Leslie, don't be so cruel ! let your dogs put their noses on your camera, they have the right, and we have the right to see them ;-)

    Your new bracelet, even though you've been interupted, is simply gorgeous. Swarowskis are beautiful without beeing to present, and the lampwork is a beauty. Love it.

    I vote for Alice in wonderland too.


  4. woooow!! i can see Alice no? Your dogs are jokers!!! Your new bracelet is a great jewel!! i love your beads, always amazing, very you, very Leslie!

  5. Love your black dog brown dog...my cat who thinks he is a dog gets in my photo space all the time.

    The bracelet is gorgeous as usual..the lampwork beads are spectacular.

    I do believe I see "Alice". I am going to give the etching a go, but I am going to try it with muriactic acid and peroxide.However I am not sure how to get a picture on it without drawing it myself.

  6. What a smart bunch! Yes, that's Alice holding her pig from the story. I'll have to give it another try and see if I can get a better etch.

    Oh, and the pups would love to know that you girls think so fondly of them. Thanks girls!

  7. Aawww! your puppies are so cute! my daughter would love to have a dog but I'm the mean mommy...no dog!...love the new bracelet!...the etching ???

  8. alice in wonderland! and the bracelet is so gorgeous... i love the lampwork in it...

  9. Oh I love your pups. Mine are always there when anything happens and I'm pretty used to nudges. Lovely bracelet. That glass focal is fantastic. I can just make out an image in your etching. Keep us posted please on your etching journey? I love hearing about it.

  10. DARLING doggies! They are gorgeous Leslie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. LOVE the bracelet. And I concur, looks like Alice in the etching to me. Isn't that disappointing? Just turn it over and use the other side!

  11. Cute doggies - I wish I had a furry thing! I could see Alice, too, before I read the comments! Nice bracelet - very very pretty!

  12. Leslie
    Your pups are so cute!!! I don't think you've shared pictures of them yet. Great company in the studio,eh?
    Your new bracelet is gorgeous...those soft colors are my favorite. I like that Etsy Christmas wishlist over on your sidebar...great idea!

  13. Your dogs are amazing! What beauties. I also love the blue and brown. Stunning bracelet and I'm digging how you photographed it so bright and clean.

  14. Hey Leslie, my backyard looks just like yours since Cabot, our wheaten terrior joined the family.
    The bracelet is beautiful..I really like all the components you used in piece..and that boro lampork focal really makes it sparkle and pop!

  15. Your boxers are adorable! Love the jewelry too...so pretty!!!
    Have a great day, Suz

  16. "Miss Em"

    Oh my goodness haha that's what my mom sometimes calls me. Adorable pups. :]