Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sharing My Love for Artisans

Just a few months ago I was likely to purchase beads from the internet from any number of beading businesses out there.  I would get my items and be thankful to have more stock to play with.  I would try to create something from the ordinary hum drum beads everyone has and try to mold them into something with some character.  As I spend more time on my favorite blogs I realize there is a whole world of beading out there to explore.  It's not from the shop down the street carrying another color of the same Swarovski crystal or even the big bead business that offers every shape and size imaginable of yet again the same old beads.  No, these are simply little works of art.  I thought I would show off some of the latest purchases I've made from such talented artists recently.

Do you remember the Narnia charm bracelet I mentioned a while back?  It will be a special present for my daughter in remembrance of the time we've spent reading the books together.  My first charm for this bracelet is from Hint Jewelry.  Beth Hemmila is incredible!  I don't know how else to put it.  Each one of her charms tells a story.  She's also a wonderful person with a big heart!  For each purchase at her Etsy shop she will donate 10% of the profit to a nonprofit organization.  This was the perfect starting piece to this charm bracelet project.  The detail in these pieces is remarkable and each one is made by hand.  And I had to buy something for myself, of course, so I purchased this spooky but fun sugar skull.

And take a look at these!

Gaea makes some rockin' beads!  She is one funky chic!  Love her style, just so happy and fun.  I ordered a few focal pieces from her and asked if she would be kind enough to find complimentary beads to match.  She did a great job!  My favorite is the heart with the lock in the middle.  These have a cool vintage look to them.  And I have to mention the little owl.  Big fan of owls as you know.  He's so sweet!  And the sugar skulls, they are a favorite too.  Ok, so I love them all!  Oh, but there's more.  I asked her to make a large focal bead for me with my business name and colors.  She not only made me one, but she sent three different designs.  I plan on making a little decoration for my studio with these.  Once again, Gaea, you rock!

And I've mentioned several times one of the best glass artists there is (in my opinion).  Norma Brink has a way of catching the light and having it dance around in her beads.  The colors are gorgeous and even though each bead has it's own style they all fit so well together in the set.  These were a special order and I'm so happy with the way they turned out.

Ok, and last but not least, the yummy copper.  Big, big fan of copper right now and I've been purchasing from Bopper on Etsy.  I've been extremely happy with the items I've received so far.  Her seletion of sizes and styles is great and she'll custom cut pieces for you as well.  She also does sterling and brass as well.  And the shipping is always super quick.  Oh, and the copper links in this picture are from Gaea.  Super cool!

I'll add in just one more.  This one doesn't have anything to do with beads but I'd like to mention her because I love the product.  I bought soap from Osayin Holistics recently and I've really enjoyed it.  Please try the Limon Rosa if you are looking for something to brighten your spirits during that morning shower.  Her soap is very creamy and lathers up well.  Love it!

I'm going to try to put all these lovely beads to use today.  I have so much to work with and I haven't made anything in over a week.  I think I'm going through beading withdrawal!  Need to bead!  Must bead now!  Bye!


  1. Thanks for sharing all your new goodies. I love the silver charms, the ceramic beads are cool, I am crazy about lampwork and yeah, I can't get enough of copper too:)
    Now I am off to visit their shops!

  2. super post! i love sharing... i have purchased from beth a number of times and i agree with you... she is incredible... not only are her charms beautiful, but they so encompass their idea - they are essential (to have and in how they are so perfectly and simply representative of bigger things)... my son wears 'courage' as he is a leo, but it is a perfect aslan... i wear a lotus every day, and i love your sugar skull! gaea is cool-io... did not know about the other shops so will check them out... always on the look out for great copper at great prices...

  3. Thanks for sharing Leslie! I love finding new places to find funky fun components. I will be checking out that awesome glass and Bopper as well (copper is my signature color). Gaea does make the most fun pieces. I love that she created the piece with your company name, and made the mixes. Brilliant idea! And Beth's charms are so very special. I am cirling her bee charm (since that is my newfound motif apparently!) and it will bee mine (pun intended!). You will certainly make some beautiful things...can't wait to see! Enjoy the day! Erin

  4. You know as a bead maker it warms my heart to hear you talk about artisan made work. Thank you!

  5. This is so awesome! I love the idea of you creating jewelry as a remembrance of reading with your daughter. This connection makes the lion charm even more special to me. Thanks for the mention of Hint Jewelry and introducing me to Norma Brink's glass!

  6. Great post! Thanks for the info on other Etsy sellers; there are so many talented artists out there who have yet to be discovered.

    Have fun creating your daughter's charm bracelet, something she will treasure forever.

  7. Hey Leslie, I just realized I purchased a set of lampwork from Norma several weeks ago. Aren't her lampwork beads amazing?? I haven't made anything with them yet..but I will soon.

  8. What a great lineup, Leslie! I love Gaea's cutom links/pendants and Beth's charms for your bracelet. I bet you had a fun day playing with your new goodies!

  9. You have selected some great colors and interesting charms and beads to work with so your creations have got to be super sweet when you finish them. I can't wait to see them - so please share - I know what you mean about the lag time between the treats of being creative - our hands must be busy to soothe the soul - xo Julie

  10. what wonderful goodies. I too love Beth's charms!

  11. Hi Leslie,

    I soooooo glad you stopped by!!!! And if you would like to pay it forward please do. The first comment I'm certainly hoping was just trolling cuz I stuck the phrase about playing in the post title!!! He is from Spain I'll give him that but I bet his little old grandma that sews doesn't know he runs a porn site!!!!! Sooooooo I'm thinking I'll pass on him. I mean what do you make someone who...yikes!!!

    I have no idea why I haven't gotten over here yet. We visit all the same blogs for heaven sakes!! But I will remedy that as so as I get home I'll add you to my blog links then there's no more loosing ya!! Oye I would have loved to play in the earring exchange so please keep me in mind for any in the future!! :)

    Take care and let me know if you would like to PIF with the other two gals!!
    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

  12. Thanks for the bead blog love! I'm so glad you are enjoying your new treasures!

  13. Hi I came to visit you from Pattie, What do you plan to do with your copper?

  14. Hey, Charming Designs! Great to see a new face. I have been metal etching the copper recently but I also play around with stamping and I've tried different patinas with the torch. All of these processes are still a work in progress for me. Enjoy your Tuesday!