Monday, October 19, 2009

*Color with Your Bling, Bling*

Good Monday Morning, blogging buddies!  I hope everyone had a beautiful and restful weekend.  Trying to stay busy here with the creation of Christmas presents, more metal etching, stamping, charm projects, earring exchange.  Well, you get the idea.


Here's the latest creation in the shop this week.  And I'm getting more and more creative with the names.  It's called "Color with Your Bling, Bling".  Kinda like sugar with your coffee.  Lots of jewel tones which are a hit right now.  I checked Pantone fall colors and these are right on.  Norma Brink lampwork once again with Bali beads and lots of Swarovski bicones and cubes in colors to match.  Nice heavy piece with lots of shiny bits.  This bracelet is my spotlight item so I'll be giving a 10% off for this week only.  Please check it out at the Bei Mondi store.

Pantone 2009 Color Trend

I'd like to give a little reminder that Thanksgiving Treasure Earring Exchange packages should mail out in 12 days.  Not much time left so get those earrings finished and out the door.  Oh, and after Oct. 31st, could everyone please send me a picture of your creation along with a little description?  I'd like to post it on the blog for everyone to see the magic.  Whoever has my name can wait a little longer.  I'm sure I'll be posting pictures of my gift as soon as it comes in the mail and then you'll know it's ok to send your pictures in an email to me.  How exciting!  You gals are such a great group of artists and friends that it makes this just too much fun to bear.

I was featured in a Treasury on Etsy for coffee.  I had to send the link since I'm a big, big fan of coffee.  We go way back.  It's a love hate relationship.  I love coffee first thing in the morning and I hate the morning until I've had my coffee.  Here it is!
I can't seem to cut and copy the photo so give it a look when you get a chance.  Thanks again to Bat Chen Designs for featuring me.

You girls know I like to spread the love when I've found a product that I like especially when it's handmade.  Check out Hot Pack Huggies.  Here's a photo of my favorite the sea turtle.
We went to a craft show over the weekend and, after Lauren begged me to buy her one of everything in the place, we finally decided on one of these functional little creatures.  These guys are so cool!  They look and feel like a regular stuffed animal but they contain heat packs in their bellies.  I just take her horse "Spiffy", pop him in the microwave for 2 minutes, and she has a nice warm creature to cuddle up to all night which is a huge help for when the temps get down into the 20's or lower.  The stuffed animal stays warm for about 5 hours under the blankets.  Please check these out if you have little ones!

I'm off to buy new shoes which would be most girls' favorite thing to do besides shopping for jewelry but truthfully I'm not a fan.  I'd rather be shopping for beads.  Hope your Monday is sunny! :)


  1. Love that new bracelet and the name is just so darn fun! I imagine that whoever gets that will have as much fun telling others what the name is as wearing it (sort of the same thing when I get a pedicure and tell everyone the color is "I'm not really a waitress" red!) You are right on the jewel tones... just like the 80s but with a bit more sophistication (one can only hope). Thanks for the reminder on the earring swap...I will start work after my show on Thursday! Enjoy the day, dear girl! Erin

  2. P.S. Shoe shopping?!? Now that IS my favorite thing to do in the world... next to eating chocolate, drinking coffee and anything with beads!

  3. Those colors are GORGEOUS! Beautiful are so talented!
    Thanks for the heads up on the earring exchange, I need to get started on making something great for my special lady.
    Yes, my Monday is sunny, Yay...two days in a row.
    Have a great day Leslie.

  4. Lovely colours in that bracelet!

  5. Hi Leslie

    Great blog post.. a little bit of everything all packed in one place. First, what a gorgeous and colorful bracelet! Your close up pictures are excellent. I know this took some time to create with all of those dangles!
    And 12 days (earring exchange)...sheesh, in my book that's LOTS of time!!
    Congrats on getting in a Treasury! That'a big deal on Etsy for sure!! :-)

  6. loving the jewel tones... so very pretty... congrats on the treasury inclusion... don't forget to save the pic for yourself as they disappear! ;0)

  7. Jewel tones are my favourite and that bracelet is a beauty. Hey, I want one of those heat packed snuggly cuddlies for myself.

  8. Leslie, wow that bracelet is a beauty!! It's so colorful, which I love...and congrats on the treasury...

    I need one of those huggies to keep my feet warm when i'm in bed