Friday, October 2, 2009

Anyone Else Want to Join in On the Fun?

Just a reminder that the last day to join in on the Thanksgiving Treasures Earring Exchange is this Sunday, Oct. 4th.  Also, if you haven't sent in your info. yet please do so by Sunday.  Here's the original blog post about the exchange for anyone else who is interested and here's the blog post about the list of questions to answer regarding the earrings you would like.  I have 12 people so far, me included, that are participating.  On Oct. 5th I will send each of you a name and info. about a person to create your set for.  This will be a random drawing to see who gets who.  If anyone who isn't doing the exchange would like to help me out with this random drawing please let me know.  If not, my DH will have to be the person to send out all the info. to make things fair so I,as well as everyone else, doesn't know who is making my set of earrings.  Basically like "Secret Santa" which I'm sure all of you are familiar with.

Here's my list of participants:
  • Fundamentals (Jeanette)
  • Lorelei1141 (Lorelei)
  • Narrative Jewelry (Veronique)
  • Sharon's Jewelry Garden (Sharon)
  • Tesori Trovati (Erin)
  • Judith B Designs (Judy)
  • Sweet Bead (Cindy)
  • Summer Studios (LeAnn)
  • Stregata (Renate)
  • Lucid Moon (Lisa)
  • Sundown Bead (Shelby)  
  • Bei Mondi (Leslie)
We really have a great group here and I'm so excited to start.  If I left anyone off the list please let me know.  I'm human so I make mistakes.   If there are any questions please don't hesitate to ask.  I'll go over everything in detail again when the names and info. are sent out. 

And I felt like we needed a picture for this fabulous fall Friday.  Here's something that I'm currently working on.  It will remain a mystery for all of you until next week.

Have a wonderful weekend my blogging buddies!


  1. Hey Leslie, really looking forward to the earring exchange. It will be so much fun. Thanks for arranging this fun holiday activity.
    Have a great weekend and look forward to see what you are going create with the above. I think it might have to do with etching because of the black and white photographs, but I could be wrong, huh?

  2. Oh oh ! Thank you Jeanette to give us such an information :) Hope you be on the right way !

    One more time, thank for this beautiful idea to exchange jewelry.


  3. oh please leslie!! i want to participate!!! is it too late?? no??

  4. I'm very curious about your next project??? Mmmm... Looking forward to find out who my mystery person is. Have a great weekend!

  5. Ooo... I would love to join this as well!

  6. Hi Leslie
    Looks like you have more takers...gotta make room for the talented Esther and Erin!! I think I may know what your mystery photo is you think I could know??? :-)

  7. Yes, Cindy, you would know what's going on with these. It has to do with Halloween.

  8. now I know what you small images are for..boy was I way off base.

  9. Oh this will be fun, can't wait!

  10. What a great idea. I'm slammed getting moved to the south for the winter. Maybe next time? Please let me know when you do another exchange, I would love to take part. Look forward to seeing all the results! What fun.