Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Kinda Spooky!

Well, the kiddo has a temp. of 103 and not doing so great.  I caught her still trying to get ready for school, she must really like it.  Poor thing!  It's scary, there have been two cases of H1N1 in the middle school here.  So, I'm keeping a steady flow of cold juice and Motrin going.  Trying to make a doctor's appt. but still just a busy signal.  Ugh!

Ok, while she's sleeping I thought I would jump on here and show you my inside Halloween decorations.  I bought several of Yankee Candle's Bones tealight holders.  The one with the farmer couple holding the candles dripping red is one of my favorites.  And the ornamental grass to the right in the picture is some from my back yard that I've been trying desperately to get rid.  Glad to see it's good for something besides cussing at.  Oh, and no, I don't normally light these candles.  It was just for the picture and I know it's a fire hazard having the candles close to the dry grass.


And check out these owls.  I didn't actually buy them to go with my Halloween stuff but I stuck them in to fill up the space.  And they are so cool when the candle light shines through their eyes.  I'd love to see pictures of your Halloween decorations.  This is always such a fun time of the year!

Now onto other things.  That beauty over there -----------------------------------------------------------> at the very top of the page is the spotlight item for this week.  It's name is Bling Bling Bali Bracelet.  This guy is a heavy one all decked out with sterling silver Bali beads and Swarovski crystals to add the bling, bling.  He'll be 10% off for this week only.  Any takers?

And here's another item I added recently to the Bei Mondi Etsy store.


Autumn's Abundance Lampwork and Copper Bracelet

The wonderful colors of autumn! This piece combines the yummy warmth of copper with some breath taking lampwork beads. The little cubes of cinnamon and spice are created by Crazy Cat Lampwork and the blue/burgundy ruffles were made by Norma Brink. The lampwork is connected by various copper bead designs with many swirls and whirls to adore.

Have a great Monday and I'll be emailing each of you some time tonight about the Earring Exchange after the hubby gets home.  He'll mix up the names and send one to each of you (me included) so no one knows who gets what name.  This should be fun!


  1. love your spooky decorations, very cool stuff! and your bracelets are beautiful!
    i hope your little one gets well soon.

  2. How fun! Love the vintage anatomy chart, and the bloody candles are too cool. Hope your little one gets well quickly, and your bracelets are to "howl" for!

  3. Hi Leslie, your bling bling bracelet is great! Should go quickly! Love the Halloween decorations, and the Thriller music! Sorry to hear about your little one, that darn flu. Riki

  4. Hope your daughter is well soon!!! Looking forward to the email and love your decorations!

  5. hummmmmmmm!! autumn abundance is very very beautiful!!! the silver one too;; it's an other style.; i love both!!
    and your house!!! do you clean it sometimes?? i think i have seen a spider ?? no?? LOL

  6. Can't wait for the earring exchange! SO FUN!
    Love your decorations!!

  7. Love the Autumn copper bracelet...I'm a sucker for all the warm, rich colors...And SO cool Halloween decorations, we love halloween here, my kids like to celebrate by making their own decorations.

    Hope your daughter is well soon!

  8. I love your that my son is older I do not decorate the way I use to, so I will just enjoy yours!
    Your bracelets are just wonderful, I love all the sterling, your wire work is always perfection!

  9. Your home is beautiful ... and the bracelets aren't bad either!

  10. Hey Leslie, love the Halloween decorations. I think I will unpack mine tomorrow and set them up. The kids have been asking.
    Both bracelets are great. How can one choose!

  11. Thanks girls! I'd love to see photos of your decorations as well.

  12. beautiful... i have to start getting out the halloween decorations... love this season! time to break out 'nightmare before xmas' 'corpse bride' and other favorites!