Friday, October 23, 2009

"Must Have Brains!"

My DH is a nice, kinda quiet guy. Very normal for the most part. He is a software engineer who enjoys playing video games with his buddies and reading books.  Anyway, normal guy, right? Then why this?

What is this you ask?  This is my zombie hubby.  He comes out every year around this time for the ZombieFest in Pittsburgh.  Weird?  Well, not really when you think about it.  What grown up wouldn't like a chance to dress up with fake bullet holes in your face and stagger around (without being drunk) moaning, "Brains!  I want Brains!"

And these guys go nuts.  Last year they broke the world record for most zombies in a zombie walk.  Unfortunately, the record was broken later that year in Sydney, Australia.  And where do they walk?  The Monroeville Mall, of course.  Why in a mall?  Because this is where "Dawn of the Dead" was filmed back in 1978.  People come from all around to see the mall and do the zombie walk just like the extras in the movie.  And several of the actors in the movie usually stop by to say hello as well. 

And some of these guys really get into character.  Check out these photos.  Creepy!

"Wow, you really should have someone take a look at that."

"Dude, these are zombies not ghosts!"

"So true."

Totally cool complete with a coffin purse.

Apparently zombies like music too!

"What?  Who invited Micheal?"

And since zombies need friends to stagger around with, here is Shawn's friend, Luke.  "Luke, you seem to be missing your eyeballs.  Do you want me to help you look for them?"

One more thing.  Anyone know who Jonathan Coulton is?  Check out the video and song.  Listen to the lyrics closely.

Have an awesomely cool Friday and weekend!


  1. That's really funny! My kids wanted to go to that - fortunately we were busy that day! I would just get too creeped out to go!!!!

  2. we have been waiting for these!! thanks so much for sharing - looked awesome... i think i might have been a little bit nervous in a mall - closed space... outside where ours was it was easy to get some space! :0) re: the bullet holes, so what happened, he went after the mailman while you were waiting for beads... you went outside and tried to blow him away like any normal bead addict? sound right?

  3. Yeah, Mary Jane. That sounds about right. Don't get in the way of me and my beads!

  4. Those are some intense zombies. My, I would have had a hay day in there. Dawn of the Dead mall, right? I'm so jealous.

  5. really cool pictures...I'd love to see this