Friday, September 4, 2009

Bye, Bye, Summer

It's sad but summer is coming to a close. I live in Pittsburgh so we have long dreary winters and we long for the summer to hold on forever. Fall doesn't officially begin until September 22 at 5:18pm EDT (yeah, I looked it up) but I can already see the changes. My neighbors dogwood and maple tree are starting to get a ting of red along the tips of the leaves. It's like fall is trying to creep in without anyone noticing. And we've had mornings and nights in the 60's and even the 50's! All of my wonderful flowers are gone and so the bright cheery feeling has left my yard. So sad! So I thought I would do one last tribute to summer. Here's what I enjoy in the spring and summer months.

On a happier note, I thought I would "pick your brains" a little bit. What an awful saying, by the way! We are all terribly busy in December with all the hustle and bustle of shopping, baking, and just general merriment so I had an idea. Would anyone be interested in doing a secret Santa in November? We could call it "Thanksgiving Treasures" or something along those lines. So, here's the general plan. I will take the info of everyone involved like favorite colors, stones, beads, etc. Then everyone in the group will get a random name with information about what that person likes. You'll have a couple weeks to finish the project and send your pretties in the mail. I think the best choice would be to make a pair of earrings. Why earrings? They are fast, easy, and generally less expensive to create. If you are interested please let me know soon so I can see if we would have enough people for the swap. Oh, and keep in mind that I have some followers that are out of the USA. If you are part of the swap you might get someone from another country and would have to mail your item to them. Just a thought!

Here's the specifics that I've come up with so far for "Thanksgiving Treasures".
  1. Reply with your specifics by Sept. 30th. I will make a list of questions about your interests later for you to answer.
  2. Receive your info on the person for the swap by Oct. 4th.
  3. Make and mail earrings by Oct. 31st.
  4. Everyone should have their present sometime in the month of November (maybe a little later out of the USA, not sure on that).
Any thoughts or suggestions? Please let me know if this is something you'd like to participate in and I will work on the arrangements. Have a great Friday and a rockin' weekend! :)


  1. Count me in! What a fantastic idea! Your yard and garden is beautiful. I used to live in South Jersey and had a garden that bloomed all spring and summer, complete with cottontails and squirells frolicking in the flowers. Miss those idyllic days, but autumn was my favorite time of year in the east because of the cool, crisp air and the beautiful falling leaves, and the aroma of woodsmoke.

  2. That poppy picture and the bee on the flower are really should make some jewlery inspired by that to remember summer when the snow flies! I hear ya on the rapid deterioration of summer...I am in central WI and it gets COLD in winter...but Fall is my favorite season! Such color and brisk days!

    I would LOVE to participate in your exchange! You might want to ask if people have sensitive ears as well...just a thought.

    Count me in! Great idea!
    Enjoy the day!

    (P.S. My word verification was "erinaic" funny! Is that like "of Erin"?! I might have to use that!)

  3. Count me in for sure Leslie...sounds like a great idea! I too hate to Summer leave...Summer is the only season that has such a sad ending.

  4. Hi Leslie
    I could truly relate to your sad summer goodbye. I feel the same way..and agree with Judy. I hate to see it go and dread the long, cold winter months. So than you for sharing the bright, cheery pictures of your garden.
    What a GREAT idea for a gift're really thinking ahead. I'd love to participate too.

  5. Hi Leslie: Is it too late to participate? If not, tell me what to do next. Thanks, Barbara

  6. Hi Leslie - I am so interested in participating in this fun earring swap.