Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Glowing Copper

Hey guys! Just one going in the shop today. This was the "project" piece that gave me so much trouble. I replaced the copper around the center with an artistic design. I guess you can call that art. I like it, it's different. I was going to try silver with the copper like Sharon suggested but something didn't look right to me. I will try this idea on future projects though because I love the look of mixed metals. Thanks for the suggestion, Sharon!

Autumn Skies Copper Bracelet
So much glowing copper in this beautiful piece. Large Itasy jasper holds soft warm hues of gray, pink, and cream. Focal stone has artistically wound copper surrounding it which brings out the rust colored spots within the stone. Made with hammered copper washers that are connected with petite swirls and held together with a handmade clasp. All copper has been oxidized and hand polished to bring out the brilliant shine.

I'm really loving copper. I think it's so much easier to work with than silver I guess because it's softer. Plus, once it's oxidized and polished it seems to have so much luster to it. And you can't beat the price! That's an added bonus. I think you'll see many more designs with copper from me in the near future. And that warm rust colored glow would go perfect with fall colors. Perfect timing! What do you gals prefer? Silver, brass, or copper?


  1. Copper, copper and copper !!! That's my choice, although we cannot find any here in France.

    The tones you've got on your bracelet are exactly what i'm looking for... Just somptuous, wonderful shades of warm rust, and just a little shiny. And what about the way you hammered it, i loooove really.


  2. What a stunning bracelet! Gorgeous, Gorgeous!! Well worth all your hard work!

    How are you polishing your copper? It's perfect!

  3. No copper in France! What? That's no fair. It's so much fun hammering it. You can take all of your frustrations out on your jewelry. :) Oh, and the polish job is a story too. I used a homemade tumbler idea with a sterling shot and Dawn detergent in a peanut butter jar. I shook it for like 30 minutes straight. It didn't turn out perfect so I then hand polished it. Thanks girls for the compliments!

  4. Copper is great fun to work with. I just completed a set of bottle tags...Bottle Bling...for my friend and massage therapist Al (good friend to have, if you know what I mean!). I will be posting on my site and on Watch Me Create soon about that! Thanks for the tip on the washers...sure beats the heck out of cutting them myself with a shears and a jeweler's saw!
    Enjoy the day!

  5. Your bracelet turned out beautifully! Really, it is gorgeous! You need to get that tumbler won't regret it! As far as my preferences...silver, copper and steel wire!

  6. yessssssssss!! beautiful result!!! at least you've made your style!! very cute!! I prefer copper to all other materials.. it is so easy to work with and offer us many colors...