Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's All About the Package, Baby!

I was getting my orders from Etsy ready to ship today and I realized something didn't look right. I was looking at this sad little white box with a little bit of tissue paper and decided it was time for an upgrade. It's all about the package, right? Cindy from Sweet Bead Studio was talking the other day about her charm swap and how her kids were so excited to see all the packages with their great colors. Aren't we all still kids on the inside? Do you get excited when you see presents wrapped in the same old plain paper year after year? Or do your eyes do a dance when they see something new? Maybe it's a fancy bow or something as simple as a hand written message. It's really the present before the present, right? I'm a sucker for handmade anything and when I see that someone took the time to dress things up a bit I really take notice. Ok, ok. There I go with that rambling again. So here's what I came up with.

Now, it's not perfect and I intend on tweaking it more but you have the basic idea. Simple white boxes with bright cheerful ribbon in blues, greens, and yellow (my favorites). These are actually the color for my shop although my blog is done in gray for the time being. A little business card stuck in there to remind them to come back. A handwritten message to thank them in the matching blue with a little funky yellow ribbon. And the whole thing is wrapped in my shocking green tissue paper. It's so bright that I had a hard time taking pictures of it. It may seem a little harsh of a color but I'm hoping people will remember the lady who sent the green tissue paper that hurt their eyes. So, what do you think? I think that even when someone purchases something in the winter, these colors will help brighten their day. What do you gals use for packaging? I would love to see some photos.


  1. Leslie receiving a package like that would make my day! The colors are bright and cherry and so pretty.

  2. Packaging is SOOOOO important! You need to project a cohesive look and one that is memorable. I am in the process of ordering new boxes that are a copper color with a slight metallic matte sheen to them. They will complement my chocolate satin ribbon custom foil stamped with a copper key (my logo). And I am having clear labels made up that have my logo design on them that I can use on the boxes and bags, etc. I also believe in the power of signing your work and last year I splurged and bought a custom logo metal stamp that I use on small sig tags. You can read about my packaging and branding here:

    Enjoy the day!