Friday, September 11, 2009


My daughter asked me yesterday if I knew what today was. A little puzzled I asked, "No, is there something happening tomorrow I should know about?" She was appauled that I didn't know it was Sept.11th. Well, I had remembered but I was surprised she was asking about it. I've tried in the past to keep some of the sad details to myself thinking that it would only upset her. She asked me, "Why is everyone so sad on Friday the 11th anyway? So, two buildings fell down. What's the big deal?" Ok, now she is nine and doesn't see the whole picture and it's my fault for keeping her in the dark. It was time to tell her what had really happened. I then explained to her that those buildings were filled with thousands of people and I tried to explain just how large the buildings were. I told her about the images on the television of the plane crashing into the building and how my heart sank and what fear I was feeling at the time. And the firefighters who went into the building rushing to the top floors to help when the building collapsed. About how the city turned black with ash and how people scattered everywhere looking for shelter. And one of the most heartbreaking scenes was on tv showing people everywhere with signs and pictures looking for their loved ones. I'm holding back the tears as I write. I tried not to focus on who did it or why because I don't want her to create opinions about others before she gets to know them. Prejudice is ugly and hurtful! So, I will try to be positive today and upbeat despite the past. I will remember but I will try not to focus on the sadness but on the bravery and the togetherness it brought to the people of our country. My heart goes out to anyone who lost a loved one on this day. We will be thinking of you!


  1. I remember that day well. I had just dropped my daughter off at daycare. I heard about a small plane hitting the Tower. I remember the clear blue sky and a small plane flying over my head that day. When I got to work and realized exactly what was happening, as people were looking on the internet for news, it hit me. I left that moment for my mom's house. I didn't know this, but I must have sensed it, my dad was in NYC on business. We couldn't get ahold of him bc the phones were out and cells were flooded. He eventually made it out of NYC as a sales rep from NJ had to drive in and pick him up to take him out of the city. He was not in that vicinity, but a few blocks away. That was scary. But I also remember the courage and the sacrifice that people made. The kindness and generosity. The patriotic spirit. My daughter was only 6 months old, but I remember holding her that night and realizing that from that moment on life as we knew it would be completely changed. But I also had hope and faith that things would get better and that our lives could be filled with peace if we all work toward that together. We aren't there yet, but I am hopeful.

    Thanks for sharing your inspiration, Leslie!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. As i said to Deryn, be sure that here in France, people have a thought for all those people who died at that moment, and for USA.

  3. Hi Leslie
    Would you believe I was scheduled to fly that day from the very airport (Dulles) where the terrorists left for DC. I was heading to Newport to visit my husband who was in the Navy..and Gabriel was only 11 months old. I turned on the tv to watch the weather as I prepared to leave for the airport and saw the 2nd plane hit live. What a horrible day. My sister lost a coworker/friend on the plane that hit the Pentagon.
    Thanks for sharing and remembering.