Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Many Roles of a Jewelry Artist

As I was taking my pictures this morning I started to think about this jewelry making career and what all it entails. No one told me I'd have to be a photographer when I decided to sell jewelry. But the more I look at photos of others, the more I realize it's not an option - it's a requirement. And what else is required of someone who'd like to make an occasional bracelet or two to sell. Well, accounting experience would be a plus, along with customer service skills (although we hope we'll never have to use those). Shipping and recieving skills and you must keep up with your inventory for all supplies including packaging. Oh, and what about style? That's a biggie! Keeping up with the latest trends and trying to accomidate the newest styles while still being an individual with your own flair. And what about the blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr? I guess being a little tech savy helps as well along with having something to say each time you post something so should we add in journalist as well? hehe Of course, attention to detail and the ability to work with tools, metals, and sometimes even chemicals. This "job" does require a lot from you but the thing is... I'm happy. So, for me it's definitely worth all of it. Agree???

So, here's my pictures from this morning while I was deep in thought.

French Lavender
I didn't add any items to my shop yesterday so I'm adding two today. The first is lampwork from Norma Brink once again. Her work is amazing! Love the depth within each piece. Lots of blues, purples, and a tad bit of yellow and burgundy. All wrapped in oxidized sterling silver wire and hand polished.

Second one has a porcelian button focal from BeadFreaky. She's on Etsy so check out her stuff! It also has ocean jaspers, blue coral, and a few tiny Swarovski crystals thrown in for bling, bling. All held together with sterling wire.

Ok, I guess I'm off to do some inventory because you know that's part of the job. You girls enjoy your Tuesday!


  1. Oh Leslie, I just love the new pieces! The colors are wonderful!
    I guess in order to do what we love we have to do somethings we do not....

    How do you get your pictures to show up under your post? I can never seem to do this.

  2. We do wear a lot of hats, don't we?
    Since this is my 9p to midnight job, I have to really wear several hats at once. I have an accountant who makes sense of my crazy record keeping, I LOVE to write and would like to do more, I enjoy buying new tools and components to play with but I am horrible at inventory control, and my studio needs some major organizing (good thing I have a friend who is a professional, although I will be embarrassed to have her there). I am always working on the photography, and someday I hope to join you at Etsy, but I am not ready for that leap that would mean yet another time commitment.
    When you are pursuing your dream you never realize all the little things that go into making it. But those little things can be very rewarding...working with a client I have never met from halfway across the country to make a special memorial bracelet, corresponding with like minded bloggers from France, Australia, and my latest, Russia about our respective art, stopping to notice everything and find inspiration for my next piece there....that makes it all worthwhile.

    Thanks for the inspiration today!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Yes, sometimes the business side (boring!) can hinder the creativity flow, but it is an necessary evil we must practice otherwise our shops will suffer! Beautiful bracelets, by the way...I can see you are hanging on to those endless blue skies of summer!

  4. Great post, Leslie. You're right about having to use many different skills. The photography part is the fun one for me...the writing is not. Lucky for you you're great at both (along with making great jewelry, of course!). Your new wirework bracelets are beautiful.

  5. To be truthful, I DETEST the business side, and usually fight it tooth and nail all the way! I'm sure if i would embrace it, it would go smoother....I just want to create, not much time for anything else. I guess I need to go to school to learn how to manage business, but that would be boring!
    Your new pieces are gorgeous, so colorful, with a nice flow!