Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Check Out My Website

Unfortunately, I didn't get chance to make my way to blogging yesterday. I think I've told some of you that we've been working on creating a website. My hubby is a software engineer so he was stoked, of course, to do it. I kinda have mixed feelings on it. It's another way to get people looking but I don't expect much traffic and the upkeep may be a hassle. We shall see. Most of the items I have for sale are on Etsy and the website. When you choose to buy on the website it redirects you to the Etsy page. There are a few items that are only on the website and we even have a spotlight item which is on sale for 10% off. This item will change every week. Please check out the website when you have the time. I'd love to hear input on the style and layout.


Here's this week's spotlight item.

Fallen Leaf Lariat
Pink Ocean Jasper oval stones trail through an Vintaj antique brass leaf focal piece resembling leaves falling from the trees in autumn. Chain is Vintaj antique brass with a length of 24 inches.

I'll still be contributing to my Etsy shop hopefully daily. I still think this is the best way to pick up business. I made this copper beauty to add to my Etsy shop. It features the same stones as the lariat featured above.

Harvest Time Copper Bracelet
(on Etsy later today)
Yummy warm copper linked between pink ocean jasper. Each stone varies in shades of cream, taupe, tan, and amber with an occasional pink hue. Center contains nice large focal stone along with copper washer with a sweet swirl design. Piece clasps together with a handmade toggle design with a hammered copper washer. All copper has been oxidized and hand polished to create a glowing rich patina.

Oh, and I noticed Jeanette at Fundamentals.com has the copper washers I am constantly using and they are at a better price than what I paid. These are the ones Sharilyn Miller uses in her new Contemporary Copper Jewelry book. They are so much fun to hammer and polish up. I've even started playing with brass washers I found at Lowe's. I made a bracelet and earrings with a combination of these brass and copper washers that I'll post later. You've gotta give these a try! Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Oh Yeah, I am the first to comment on your new beautiful website! It is just lovely, bright and easy to navigate,your pictures as usual are wonderful. I love the new pieces,you are so talented! I wish you so much success with it.

  2. CONGRATS, you did it! Well, you both did it! Your new website is beautiful..as are your new pieces of jewelry. I love the colors for Fall...and yes, those copper discs are wonderful to work with.

  3. your pieces are fantastics!! but let me say that your website is a jewel !!!! i 've seen jewels that i had never seen here.. ( the bracelet with the big big butterflieeeeeee woooooooooo) and pictures are so gorgeous! congrats!!

  4. Thanks for the support! It's a work in progress and will probably never be perfect.

  5. Love the new website layout and your new fall pieces are stunning, I love your unique wireworking style. Wishing you much success!