Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Middle of the Work Week Day!

Man, what a long title. I could have just said Happy Wednesday but that's not as much fun. Playing with those copper washers again. One of my favs! And using that linen background again.

Robin's Rendition of Joy Necklace
Nice warm copper combined with Robin's egg turquoise (I think that's what it is called). I hammered the washers for a rustic texture and added a few swirls here and there when linking the chain. Gotta love these stones! Look at all the brown crackles throughout. I've been hording these for way too long because I couldn't come up with a good design. I originally added one of the Vintaj brass birds to dangle from the center but I wasn't crazy about how it looked so off it went. I guess it has enough to keep it interesting without it. Any suggestions on what to call this one?

I'm in dire need of some new tools. I'm loving the stamped messages everyone has been doing lately so that goes on the list. Oh, and a file set would be helpful as well. Where do you gals usually purchase your tools from? I know sometimes offers personalized stamp sets. How cool is that? You rock, Jeanette! And has anyone tried the Cool Tools patina gel? I remember Cindy Gimbrone talking about it on an Art Bead Scene post. Sounds pretty easy for making a nice patina. What are the tools that you cherish and use the most?


  1. Hi Leslie,

    Your necklace is gorgeous! Love the copper links which intensifies the stone's matrix. Got to get me some copper washers!

    I blogged about the patina gel a while back. It's very easy to use and much safer. Cool Tools says you can dilute your solution and throw it down the drain or fertilize your tomato plants with it.

    I bought my stamp set from Beaducation before I found out about Fundamentals. Beaducation makes awesome stamp sets as well. Now if I only had a torch...!

  2. very beautiful, again... Leslie!!

  3. You are one talented girl! I LOVE it!
    I just ordered a new stamping set from was quite a splurge and I can't wait to get it.

  4. What a gorgeous necklace, Leslie. I really love it from the colors to the wirework clasp! Gosh my favorite tools...well first I want to second that fundametals is THE place to shop for tools/supplies...Judy is going to be in for a real treat with her new stamps! My favorite tools is without a doubt my tumbler and I love my disc cutter too.