Thursday, September 10, 2009

Help With Birthday Gift and Stamping Mania

My next door neighbor and close friend has a birthday in September so I've decided to make her a bracelet. She loves the fall colors especially since she has olive skin and hazel eyes. She's one of the only people I know who looks good in orange. So, I need help! I want to make her a special piece with these colors. She's especially fond of plum purple which is not an easy color to find. I'd love to do gemstones and amethyst is an option but I think it's a bit to dressy for her taste. So, once again I am reaching out to my veteran beaders who have been through this and know where to find the good stuff. I'd like to use copper which I know will just compliment the colors even more. Also, any recommendations for personalizing this piece? You know I am open to all advice and I appreciate your input. :)

So, back to my labor of love. I just can't seem to get away from using copper. It's
a good thing for me that it's in style right now. I still get frustrated with bending the thicker sterling wire. It's just so hard! I guess I'll figure it out in time. You're sure to see stamping galore once I get all my goodies.

Thanks for the advice yesterday on the stamping sets. I purchased one of the basic sets from along with a few copper blanks and polishing cloths. I can't wait to try it out! I figured I'd start less expensive and if I really get into stamping then I'll upgrade later. Who am I kidding? Of course I'm totally going to get into it. I love metal and personalized gifts so it only seems fitting that I'd be into stamping. I was peeking around Etsy to see what others have done with stamping and I found a few cool ideas that maybe you haven't seen before.

DON'T MAKE ME CROP U OUT OF THE PICTURE hand stamped sterling silver necklace

Ok, so I just added this one in for laughs. Who couldn't use a good laugh on a Thursday, right?

Personalized silver necklace with handmade initial charm

And this one is such an inspirational piece and look at that hand formed "L" in the center. So pretty! Both of these styles are from Punky Jane (gotta love that name). She has lots of great stamped items so check it out when you have the time.

Oh, I almost forgot. I also bought a few more interesting items to help me along with my stamping. Here's a few cuties that I ordered from Tropacopy and Stamping Sisters.

CRESCENT MOON and STAR DESIGN STAMP - Jewelry marking stamping tool, symbol stamp, metal stampsHOT AIR BALLOON DESIGN STAMP - jewelry making design stamp, steel stamp, metalsmithing tool
Owl Design Stamp for metal jewelry stamping
Yeah, I couldn't pass up the owl and I thought it would go great with the moon. And the hot air balloon was just too cute and something you don't see all the time. I'd love to see pictures of what you gals have created with your stamping sets so post away!


  1. Ok, I LOVE that bracelet so much I would sleep with it....on of course! Why don't you give your friend that..I would be so jealous but she would be so happy!

  2. Judy,

    You are one wild lady! I'm lovin' the fact that you like my bracelet but let's not get too crazy! Ha, you made me laugh! Thanks!

  3. I agree with Judy, you should give that yummy bracelet to your birthday girl, I think it would complement her coloring. Or you could just give it to me! :D

  4. In your search for a specific color of beads have you considered beads made with polymer clay? One of the truly great things about polymer clay is the ability to mix colors and come up with colors that you just don't find elsewhere. I particularly like to marble light to dark shades of a color to get a great look. The slideshow on my blog entry for yesterday shows some peach marbled beads I made to go with a millefoiri flower cane that I made and used for beads. My blog is

  5. AWWWW MAN! You know I have to get one of those owl stamps don't you!!??
    Beautiful bracelet. I looove it.

  6. wooooooooo!!! how can you make your copper so bright and brilliant?? mine is so sad...
    the bracelet is very pretty, and your copper work lovely!!
    for your friend.. well i think purple shells are very pretty and funny too..