Friday, September 25, 2009

If You're My Mom Please Don't Read This!

So, what's with the title?  I haven't done anything bad so don't worry.  My mom's B-day is coming up soon and I wanted to show off what I got for her. Mom is pretty hard to shop for these days.  You all know the person who has everything and if there's something they want then they buy it in no time flat.  Every year it's a dilemma on what to purchase this present challenged person.   

Mom, if you are there now is the time to turn away.  No peeking! 

So, what do you buy the person who has everything???

Well, a nose picking garden gnome with plumber's crack, of course!

Nasty Gnome Nose Picking Figurine

Nasty Gnome Nose Picking Figurine

Dear ol' mom just got a new shed and loves to garden so I figured this little guy would be perfect to greet her everyday out in the yard.  Oh, and mom has a sense of humor so don't worry.  She's gonna love him!

I got this little guy from Niswander Ceramics.  This is one cool shop!  My second favorites after the gnome is her Halloween items. 

Whimsy Skulls Salt and Pepper Shakers

Franken' Stein Blue

Mummy Stein 1

Look at the character on these faces!  I'm a real sucker for any Halloween decorations especially cute ones.  This shop makes everything from the smallest salt and pepper shakers to large sculptures.  Laurie of Niswander Ceramics is one amazing artist so please check out her work.

Another very talented artist of mention is Giovanna Tataje Ocampo.  I met her while doing my first Etsy chat the other night and yes, Giovanna, it is humid in Pittsburgh right now.  These are her elaborate sculpture paintings that are created with a knife technique.  They have a 3-D look to them and seem to jump off the page.  Look!  She even paints around all the edges.  Beautiful, marvelous, and simply breath taking! 

RAIN PARK FOREST LOVERS original impasto oil painting knife texture by GYS ART

PARIS EIFFEL TOWER original oil painting knife impasto texture by GYS ART, PRICE REDUCED

And my favorite!

PORTAL RAIN PARK LOVERS original knife impasto oil painting mini 6 x 6 by GYS ART

Her brilliant work can be found on Etsy at GYS ART.  Please take the time to stop by and look at this work.  So pretty!

Enjoy your weekend!  If you are Judy from Judith B Designs I know you'll be enjoying yourself.  She's off to an amazing vacation.  So jealous! 


  1. You need to take a picture of your Mom with her gift, I would love to see her face! I love the skeleton pot that is so cool!
    Leslie,there is still time to hop on a fingers and hands need a rest from too much wire wrapping, I think they are looking forward to swimming in the tropical sea.

  2. That's the funniest and weirdest gnome I've ever seen! I think I need one in my backyard!

  3. What a great gift! I'm sure none of your mother's friends will have one like it! I thought the front was funny until you posted the picture of the back. I laughed out loud!

  4. I love that gnome with a sense of humour!

  5. This painting resembles mine to the point that makes me uncomfortable

  6. This painting resembles mine to the point that makes me uncomfortable