Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Ramblings

Hey girls!  I guess I've been MIA for the past couple of days on the blog.  Not much to show here since I'm patiently waiting for supplies to roll in.  I did manage to practice stamping and put together a few earrings sets.  Nothing too exciting.  Here's the first attempt at stamping.

Not great but it's a start.  I started the metal stamping on a piece of wood.  How dumb was that?  Let's just say that piece of wood has seen better days.  And I was first trying to stamp with a soft rubber mallet.  I guess you live and learn.  Jeanette at sent me several helpful hints to help me out with this process.  I love her advice on using several layers of tape to create a lip to line your stamps up on to create straight letters.  She covered everything from what type of hammer to use to how hard to hit the stamps.  Those art stamps are little stinkers.  It's tough to get all those details in.  Anyway, this is a "practice makes perfect" project that I will hope to perfect.

The spotlight item for this week on my website is the "My Copper Penny" bracelet.  Whenever an item is put up as a spotlight item I will offer an extra 10% off along with free shipping.  That brings this little gem down to $17.99!

These are the little earrings sets I made recently.  I'll put one on Etsy and one in the Bei Mondi shop.

Lots of Swarovski crystals to gleam and sparkle.  I left the sterling silver alone and didn't worry about oxidizing since I thought it might take away from the shine.  This matches perfectly with the Isabella's Secret Skeleton Key necklace. 

Pretty in Pink (in Bei later today)
Tourmalines again but this time in a pretty soft pink.  Lots of these babies dangling everywhere with one tiny Swarovski crystal in the middle.  Sterling silver has been oxidized and polished.  Well, that's all for me today.  I hope you ladies enjoy your Wednesday!  :0)


  1. good!!! very cutes sttamps!!
    but your earringgggggggggggggggggggg!! wow!! isabella and pink tourmaline.. beautifuls!!!!
    PS: the pictures are magnifiques!!!
    Ps2: it's very dificult to post a coment with this new backgroud.. we don(t see the verification words.;

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Ester. I'll check and see what the problem is with the verification.

  3. Ugh, think I finally figured out what's going on. I can not have the word verification turned on with this template. So it has been turned off temporarily. Sorry about that girls but thanks so much for letting me know.

  4. Leslie, your stampings look great! Just keep practicing...I have another "for the love of fonts" newsletter coming out soon with more tips, techniques and more:)

  5. Looking great, Leslie! Isn't stamping fun? You'll soon be addicted. :-)

  6. I tried to let you a comment yesterday, but impossible to have the word verification. Well i'm happy to see everything is OK now.

    Your first attempts at stamping are on the right way, it seems.

    And i can see the Izabella's secret earrings, the most beautiful to wear with the famous Chanel's black little dress... so french !

    But my favourite are these little pink tourmaline just "exquises", they look like little grapes of wine (rosé, of course...), so delicate.