Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Copper and Silver Wire Work

Here's the guy that really tore up my hands this weekend. Pulling this wire tight is pretty difficult. I tried Sharon's idea from before about combining copper and sterling silver. The two metals really look nice together and I thought the moonstones would mimic the colors of the metal and not take away from it. I like the results but I'll be wearing gloves from now on. Ouch!

These little guys I made to match. They are a bit crazy but kinda fun too.

They are up now on Etsy so let's see if they get much love. Ok, that's it for me. See ya, girls!


  1. I love the name...and the components...so rich and intriguing...I am sure that this one won't last long! Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. This one is really pretty, Leslie. I can see it took a lot of strength with all of that wire work and wire wrapping...very labor intensive. This will be a great piece to wear for Fall!

  3. Seriously lovely - great wrapping work!! And the moonstones go very well!!

  4. Ho!!! leslie:!!! very very pretty!! the necklace is stunting and little earrings.. just perfects!! they looks like little shells.. on the sand!!

  5. Such sweet friends! My beat up hands thank you for all the compliments! :)

  6. Great piece of jewelry in fact ! And what a beautiful work of wrapping as said Stregata. Love too the moonstones, may they help Loreleï...