Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Girls Love The Bling, Bling

Has anyone found a decent way to take pictures of necklaces? Nothing I do looks good to me. How can you capture the essence of the piece from close up or far away? And what's the best prop you've found? Ugh! I'm frustrated. I'm thinking of purchasing a new necklace model soon. I have one short one in white and a longer one in black. The black one is completely impossible. I have yet to take a decent picture with it because of the shine. And my white one is ok but kinda hum drum boring. Any suggestions? Anyone know of a good place to shop for props?

Anywho, I was at my daughter's dance class last night and I thought it would be a great time to make some earrings. They have bar stool chairs and a tall counter right in front of the window where you can see everything going on with the dancers. Perfect set up to get some stuff done during that hour and forty-five minute wait. So, there I am minding my own business when I feel eyes staring at me. It seems the girls in class were more interested in the earrings I was making then listening to the dance instructor. I tried to hide what I was doing but then that made it worse because they wanted to know what I was hiding. Normally I would think it's kinda cool that they were all interested but I don't think the instructor appreciates half of her class staring at me and not paying attention. So, it just goes to show that no matter how old you are, if you're a girl you probably like bling, bling of some kind.

Well, here's the earrings that caused all the commotion.

Oxidized sterling silver design that looks almost like an upside-down heart. Petite green and yellow tourmaline dangling everywhere. So sweet!

And this is the cause of my frustrations today. I was trying to take pics of this necklace but nothing looks that great.

Lots of blues, browns, and gray. This beauty combines sodalite, tigereye, brown freshwater pearls, tanzanite, and blue chalcedony. Made with oxidized sterling silver.


  1. Hi Leslie
    What a great story about the dance lessons!
    Your new necklace is the colors. You know me, I like to take pictures outside. And what I've found is that it's helpful to not worry about getting all of the necklace in one shot...especially if you're listing it on Etsy, you can show the other portions in the additional pictures. People want to see a close up (and maybe one with the entire piece).
    I like to use natural "props"...I kind of feel some of those necklace forms can look sorta sterile, if you know what I mean. I use old wood, vintage books, that sort of thing. Your photography is excellent already.

  2. LESLIE! you are the queen of gemstones!! always a good choice!! earrings are so nice and the necklace seems amazing.. i hope you will take a great pic of it cause it desserve!!