Friday, September 11, 2009

Where's the Smell Coming From?

I was in my basement earlier and noticed a smell. Not a musty basement smell but like... well dead animal. I'm wondering if Erin's Bee Whisperer can come and check it out. I know my husband will be just as scared as I am if not more to go peeking around to find where it's coming from. We've never seen a mouse in the house (little rhyme for ya) but who knows what could be living in the walls where we can't see. Hm... what to do? And I have two large dogs (boxers) that aren't much help either. They hide behind us with their 50+ pound body whenever they hear strange noises. I am surrounded by chickens, me included. Ugh! So, here's the theme song for the day that I will no doubt be singing until I drive myself insane.

Well, on a separate note. I've got two to list today. Fall colors!

Dragonfly Dance Necklace
This one boasts a large rhyolite stone with a Vintaj dragonfly holding on. Little rhyolites and a shell bead dangle from the large stone as well. A smaller dragonfly and some sparklies are on one side of the necklace while more rhyolites and shell beads are on the other. All brought together on Vintaj brass chain.

All Mixed Up
Bracelet (on Etsy later)
And this is my first attempt at using leather cord. It's a really pretty shade of salmon and holds all these different elements together. We have beach stones, antique sooho jade, shell, a large wooden button, some jaspers, and a lampwork bead that ties in all the colors. Vintaj clasp that hooks onto the leather cord with a little beach stone dangling from the end.

Enjoy your Friday!


  1. Waoooo Leslie, the both are beautiful. But the first one with dragonflies is just gorgeous. The colors are wonderful, exactly what we need to wear this autumn !

    May i ask you a question ? Is the dragonfly on the stone a filigree or a polymer or silver clay one ?

    What a beautiful idea you had.


  2. beautiful dragonflie!!! very owesome!
    well concerning the odor, what a pity I live so far away! At home I am known for ... for killing a few mouse stroke brushes .. hoo I do not love to kill them .. but do I invited them? no?? .. So vlaaaam in the head!

  3. Yummy colors in that it!
    And I wouldn't bee (ha! that was a typo but I am leaving it!) so quick to ask the Bee Whisperer for bees aren't fully gone yet! We have had mice before...well, all the time, and if it stinks so bad, it can't be moving anymore, can it? You made me laugh (after I just shed some tears for another friend's sad post). Thanks!
    Enjoy the day, Leslie!

  4. Love the dragonfly necklace, the colours are just FABULOUS!
    As to the smelly problem - if it already smells like it is dead, I would look for it, definitely. Because it will get worse - you would be surprised just how much bad odour a tiny mouse can spread. I have cats and sometimes they bring their "friends" inside and then those die in some secret hiding spot.

  5. Dragonfly necklace really sings - lovely

  6. Thanks for the compliments girls! Have a great weekend!