Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Birds of a Feather

I am, like a lot of you crafty girls out there, in love with owls and birds. I can't seem to get enough of them. I'm constantly on the lookout for charms, beads, pendants, ANYTHING with birds. I especially have a soft spot for owls. They are so mysterious one minute and so cute the next. Even their sound is cute and scary at the same time. How can that be??? Anyway, I had to pass on an Etsy shop that makes these cute little creatures in macrame form.

The more I looked at them the more they grew on me. This shop has a whole array of colors from the rainbow too. But, I kept noticing something...well... different about her pictures. See if you can spot it. Ok, I'll just tell you. She has taken her cute little owls and placed them on the faces of people. At first I thought maybe this was an accident. No, couldn't be an accident. It's like this in every photo just about. Interesting choice for a photo. It does catch your attention, doesn't it? Maybe she's come up with a new kind of advertising we don't know about yet. Hm.... Well, I'm putting the pretty prussian blue owl on my never ending Christmas list. I'd love to hang it from the rear view mirror in my car. I think he'd look quite nice there.


  1. I love birds too...besides looking great in jewelry, they are beautiful, they eat bugs, sound wonderful and they fly. What a life!

  2. Hi Leslie! Birds are fascinating aren't they? Although I was not very fond of them before (I was attacked by birds twice in my life, most frighteningly by a crow named Simon when I was 7!) but tonight we watched a hungry hummingbird hovering over our feeder...that is empty. Mon dieu! I need to fix that right away! Thanks for stopping by Treasures Found and for your sweet comment. I hope that Olivia's success is an inspiration...little tip...Vintaj might be interested in the youngest designers...which I heard from a little bird named Jess! Encourage your daughter to experiment. It has been a rich experience for us and totally unexpected and fun! Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. Hi Leslie
    Thanks for sharing the Etsy link. I love owls son (7) has been drawing them latey. I'll have to show you the picture I took of one at the petting zoo the other day. I think these macrame owl necklaces are really cool...would be fun to wear in the Fall. And her prices are dirt cheap.

  4. Glad you guys enjoyed the owls. I emailed the ladies from macraMe and told them I mentioned their owls in the blog. They were extremely nice! And the owls are dirt cheap. How do they make those for $10?