Monday, August 24, 2009

C'est la vie

Hello and good morning! How did everyone's weekends go? Lots of sunshine and fun I hope.

Well, it looks like I lost a follower so hence the title of today's post. I'm trying to not let it get me down. So, "C'est la vie"! You win some, you loose some!

I've decided to lower some of my prices in my shop and also add free shipping. This might bring in more traffic, who knows. Pricing is kinda tough and I feel like I'm all over the place. I'm hoping if I narrow down the range of prices I can zero in on a more specific group of buyers. What works best for you when it comes to pricing? Do you price a piece by adding every bead and piece of wire along with exactly the length of time it took to make? Or do you price your items based on what you would pay or what you think others would pay? I love advice!

Ok, I'll throw today's piece out here real quick and then get on with today's post.

Happy Buddha charm looks content hanging out on this piece made with sterling jumprings, silver wire, beach glass in muted mint green and a darker forest green. Also includes a soft suede strap and sterling swirl clasp. I like the silver with the brown strap, it really stands out.

Ok, I need your help. I've desperately been looking for a bead with no success. Here's the picture. I am trying a find the swarovski filigree brass ball bead like on this bracelet. I love this vintage look. The stones are of a dark hue and not super shiny. Any idea where I can find one? Maybe this is an older bead that they no longer make. Also, for those of you who buy chain, where do you purchase it from? I am looking for all types of metals with a larger size link and a more intricate design.

Hope your Monday isn't going too bad. I know how Mondays can be. Ugh!


  1. hi leslie!! i don't know where find this beautiful bead but if i cross one around my internet travels.. i will told you!! This little buddha is so zen!! il love the frosted green glasses.. very cool!! well, c'est la vie.. in france we use to say "un de perdu, dix de retrouvés" (you loose one, you win 10..)
    sometimes it bugs a lot , don't think about .. it is not really important, the most important is create and love create..
    hugs !!

  2. I lose followers all the time. I think it's best that I don't know who it is that leaves. For fear that I would hunt them down and demand to know what it was I said to offend them! lol
    How cool that you are admiring my friend Kathy's jewelry on Etsy!! Kat is super friendly and I'm sure she'd tell you exactly where she found that bead if you asked her! Tell her Lorelei said hello if you contact her.

  3. Leslie,
    The bracelet is super cool, I love the clasp as well as all the other elements.
    I buy chain everywhere and anywhere. I especially love vintage and antique chains so I pick them up at flea markets most often. I also have purchase chains on Etsy.
    I price the item when It is complete and go by the time it took and cost of supplies and come up with a price.

  4. Love the beach glass in the bracelet - which is no big surprise, I guess!

  5. Hi Leslie and Hi Lorelei!!

    I had luck and found another place that you can get that swarovski encrusted filigree bead from. It's a place called Unfortunately, the exact same bead as the one used in my bracelet is sold out, but they do have others that are just as beautiful. Hope that helps and thanks for the link to my bracelet :0)

  6. Thanks so much for the support ladies!

    Judy, thanks for the info. Pricing is so tough! I've been reading your story on the horses and I've been crying. :( I'll email you later.

    Lorelei, I contacted Kat about that beautiful bead. Thanks for your help! I'll email you in a bit.