Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Found Treasure

I've been so intrigued by skeleton keys lately. I like to think about where those old keys have been, what they were used for, and who cherished them. Each one that I bought recently is unique in it's own way like fingerprints. I've told my daughter that maybe one opened a treasure chest or an old trunk holding wonderful memories possibly love letters. My mind wanders around with all possibilities. My new favorite is actually barrel keys. These hold all of the excitement as skeleton keys but with a more petite size. Ok, enough of my rambling.

Here's today's item for the shop. And no big surprise that it includes a key!

Isabella's Secret
What a dainty little key! This beauty has a heart shaped cut out on the top and is only one and a fourth inches long. This is a shorter type of lariat made with the steel key on one end and a large Swarovski pendant adorned with lots of moonstones on the other. The chain is sterling silver.

On a personal note, is any one's kids getting ...well... for lack of a better word, annoying? Or maybe I should say challenging. Are they just itching for school to start again? My daughter has decided this morning to bring every instrument she owns into the living room and attempt to play it. This includes harmonica, accordion, guitar, and recorder. She's supposed to practice her cello everyday but I'm sure she'll give me a fight when I mention that. The rainy weather doesn't help much either. And maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just grouchy because I need to get outside and feel the sunshine. Well, hopefully there is sun where you're at. Send some my way, please!!!

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  1. I love the old keys too...yes, they do hold a mystery. I have a bunch here that I'd like to incorporate one of these days. Your new lariat necklace is beautiful...dainty on one hand, but paired with the more substatial key. Great name for this piece!