Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Girly Geisha

I stayed up late working on this little piece. I've had these crazy lace agate rectangle beads that have so much character but the yellows and reds intertwined within the stones is a rather harsh color. Needless to say, finding anything to compliment it was a challenge. The same goes for my Geisha charm from Green Girl Studios. So wonderful and sweet but what do I use to compliment it without taking anything away. Here's what I came up with.

Now, it's not perfect but that's what adds to the charm. I'm still learning about manipulating the wire and this was created with half hard sterling which was a challenge to bend. And yes, the "cage" around the yellow jade bead is supposed to look like that. That is the look I was going for. All in all, I like her! I will probably recreate the large jump rings on the end because they aren't what I was hoping for but besides that I think she's a keeper.

I guess I'm slowing on the shop. I will be adding at least one item today but I really need to get back in my little studio (the basement aka "the dungeon") and get back to work. I have several partial projects that are staring at me! Oh, and I have a question for you. I've been taking my pics in a light box but I've seen some really great pictures on Etsy that look like they've been taken outside. You can tell the difference in the lighting. Do you use a light box? And also, what's your favorite prop to use? Taking pictures is a challenge with my older camera but any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated!

My lovely daughter is modeling this one for me. Lots of purples, pinks, and white. Super girly! I'm a big fan of the furnace glass beads. These are so much fun!


  1. You certainly did the crazy lace stones justice in your Geisha bracelet! Love the wirework -really compliments the swirls in the stones. Beautiful!

    I have a whole strand of red crazy lace coins-what was I thinking??? That red is so difficult to combine with other stones-I guess I was "crazy" when I bought it!

    As for the photography, I still have a lot to learn, but I did finally figure out how to use the macro setting which really gives good closeups and detail in jewelry. I have a sunny window where I take pics, but I do like the outdoor pics as well because the sunlight glimmers off the stones and metal giving off an energetic mood. It seems the indoor pics are softer and more ethereal feeling. Hope this helps!

  2. Nice work! I also have trouble wrapping wire, but you seem to be doing quite well. I have BIG problems taking pics. I've tried everything. It does't help that my camera is quite old. I set up next to a sunny window also.

  3. Thanks girls! Maybe I'll try some outdoor pictures tomorrow. Any excuse to get outside more is good any way. It's August and my legs are still as white as a ghost!

  4. Hi Leslie

    I was planning to ask YOU about your photography..it's excellent! I used to use my light box when I did pictures with all-white backgrounds (you can see them in my flickr account). But now I like to take outdoor shots when it's not too sunny, using some props. I'm trying to work with layering and "styling" the pictures. I have a lot to learn as well. Will be in touch...

  5. very good job!! the first one is so nice, and very charming, and the second one, as you've say.. very girlie!!