Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mystery Solved

Yesterday I had asked about a beautiful vintage swarovski bead and where to find one. Lorelei directed me to Kat at Jewels by Kat. Kat found several beads in this same style at Beadbyus.com with so many color combinations to choose from. I'm in love with this vintage feel with a little bit of bling, bling. Lorelei also found similar beads at AD Adornments. Take a look at both of these!

And how did I come to ask about this bead? Check out this bracelet if you haven't already. I'm intrigued by the colors, materials, and style of this piece. Kat has done a wonderful job! Please check out her shop when you have the time. Jewels by Kat

Both of these ladies were loads of help so a big THANK YOU to them!

I was watching this show last night that I was intrigued by so I thought I would spread the word. It's called "Out of Egypt" and here is an explanation on the show's basis, "Using Egypt as a starting point, Cooney embarks on a journey to find links between the social, cultural and religious practices of several ancient civilizations. She discovers that despite being completely disassociated from one another, the societies had striking similarities in behaviors, traditions and beliefs." The lady hosting the show teaches Egyptian art and architecture at UCLA. Last night's show was about how other cultures cherish the remains of loved ones after they have deceased. Sounds rather morbid, doesn't it? But they believe that there is a connection between the bones of the deceased and their spirit or the heavenly world. Day of the Dead is a good example of this and I was surprised to find that several other cultures around the world embark on the same type of practice holding festivals and eating meals with the deceased. Ok, I guess it's the science geek in me coming out but give it a watch sometime.

On to today's piece for the shop.

October Moon
Gray beach stones play along the deep brown of the Vintaj chain. Soft aquamarine, smokey quartz, a shiny silver bead, and a Vintaj moon charm dangle from the piece which stand out against the muted browns and grays.

I thought I'd add a little groove to your Tuesday. My daughter and I love this song by Shakira and we've been known to howl at the moon when we hear it on the radio. It's named "She Wolf" which is fitting. It's a real sight to see two girls howling in the car driving down the road. Yeah, we're weird, so what. Enjoy!


  1. Love your new bracelet-so natural and rustic with a touch of femininity. I love anything with river rock or beach stones, playing with the stones on a bracelet or necklace can be quite calming!

    PS I like weird...

  2. i think this bracelet is your best one!! stones and beautiful beads.. , colors and materials.. all is fantastic!!!
    thanks for sharing (about the vintage bead, THE bead!!)
    bravo!! magnifique!!

  3. Leslie I love your bracelet! The combination of colors and material is spot on!

  4. You girls are too nice to me! I love all these compliments! Thanks again!

  5. Leslie
    Thanks for sharing the bead source...it's a little pricey but I LOVE it!!! Now I want to order one too!!
    Your new bracelet is beautiful...trying to picture you and your daughter howling at the moon. Sounds like a good time!