Friday, August 28, 2009

Yesterday's Mistake

Hm... Yesterday's Mistake. Sounds like a title to a song or something. Any-hoo, here are the results after shining these guys up.

I'm pretty happy with the first one so it will go into the shop today. I think I'll name it Palau Lagoon. The only problem I really had with it was the clasp so I just remade that part of it. This one has lots of squiggles and wiggles around the lampwork beads. These are made by Norma Brink who is excellent. I've bought several of her lampwork sets and they have all been incredible. Plus, she's extremely nice which is always a plus. Please check out her site. She also sells on Etsy.

Ok, now that second one. I'm thinking I might just change out the focal bead or maybe use the same stone but I won't wrap it in copper this time. I like the colors in the stone with the copper so I'll probably stick with it. Although the whole piece didn't work out the way I planned, I really like the style of the rest of the bracelet. I was inspired by Sharilyn Miller's Contemporary Copper Jewelry. In the book she uses these great copper washers from Harbor Freight. Unfortunately, I couldn't find them in my town so I ordered off of Amazon. About $10 for a box of over 100 in various sizes. I used them in both these pieces. I got the washer idea from the book and I added my own swirls between each to attach them to each other. Let me know what you think! I love the comments!

It's kinda sad. Lauren only has a few days left until the dreaded fourth grade. We've been trying to enjoy the last few days of freedom together as much as we can. She loves doing crafts of all kinds so here's her projects that she has done this week.

This is a stepping stone. Lauren's dog is named Emily and we call her Em for short (although it should be hurricane with legs but that's too long to say). So she made this stone with Em's pawprint and designed with pebbles.

Ok, so we like stepping stones. I guess you can tell that. We made this one together with our footprints. Man, that cement was cold and my feet are big!

Ok, ladies, I hope you all have a restful weekend! Enjoy what's left of August!


  1. I love the second one with the swirls between the washers. I will have to look for those washers as I am a always seeking that sort of thing, but can't find it here.
    I am glad that you persevered and found a new path for each of these. That is what being creative is all about!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. I love the first bracelet because of the cool blues and greens, my faves! The "uh-oh" bracelet turned out fantastic-love those rustic washers. I would keep the original stone and wrap it in heavy hammered silver for a contrasting look, or oxidized copper. You can oxidize your metal first before you create...just learned about that little trick!

  3. Oh Leslie, both are so beautiful !

    Love both of them, the first one for the transparency, it is like water, exactly as if you find the beads in the lagoon, you're right.

    And the second, as Erin, for the lovely washers, and those beautiful links.

    Happy to see that yesterday was just a mistake, and the result of today a "petite merveille".

    Funny way to make mosaïc... to be tried !


  4. Hi Leslie
    Your pieces turned out beautiful once you polished them up...did you buy a tumbler? The lampwork beads are so incredible. And I love oxidized's too bad that happened when the package even said "raw copper". I know it's sad about the summer coming to an end...2 of my boys start school on Monday! We went to their "Passport Day" today and met the teachers. We have some of those stepping stones..we were going to make it a tradition every year before school starts...but we've only done it once! I've been meaning to do ours all summer long...


  5. Thanks for all the kind words!

    Sharon, that's a great idea to use silver. Maybe I will change the clasp to silver as well.

    No tumbler yet, Cindy. I tried a homemade tumbler for these. Didn't work too well. I'll just have to start saving up for one.

  6. These need to be in a magazine! Do you submit? May I suggest Step By Step Wire Jewelry? Fantastic!