Thursday, August 13, 2009

To Oxidize or Not to Oxidize. That is the Question!

Ok, slacking a little today. I guess staying up till 3am last night might have something to do with it. It's 3pm and I'm looking for another cup of coffee. Terrible habit! But I love the smell of coffee brewing and when it brews I just have to have a cup. Anyway, I wanted you gals to take a look at this piece I was working on. This is my first attempt at a wire wrapped pendant (I guess that's what you call it). Not too shabby, not perfect but I don't think perfect is in my vocabulary any way. So, the question now is whether to oxidize this little guy or not. Any suggestions? It's made with sterling wire which almost looks cheap in a way because I think there is too much shine to it. The clasp on this is a first attempt as well. I love Sharilyn Miller's "Bead on a Wire". I think I should be her spokesperson with as much as I've been mentioning her lately.

Petit Four Dangles
Well, I have one pair of earrings so far for the shop. Moving slowly today! Smoky quartz marquises with pink opal chips. Pink opal seems to be a challenge for me to match other stones with but I did notice the brown and black flecks throughout the stone so hopefully the smokey quartz will compliment it well.

Oh, and here's Lauren's art project for today. She knows I love octopi so look what she made me. And the angel is too cute so I had to include that as well. Get out in that sunshine and make the best of the day! One more day left till the weekend!


  1. I feel the same way you do about shiny sterling. I love to oxidize most of my metals, I like an aged look. Brushing the metal looks good sometimes too.

  2. I would oxidize it, that's just me, but I like the toned down look, and you did a fabulous job!! I loooove the earrings also, very pretty color combo!

  3. these petit four are so cute!! i love pinck and brown, it's very a "baroque" mix, and , my opinion is :OXCIDIZZZZZZZZZZZE

  4. For sure it needs a patina, to show up the beautiful colors of stones and lovely links.

    Go on Leslie...


  5. I did the patina today which did very well. I'll polish them up and show pictures soon. Thanks so much for your help girls!!!