Friday, August 7, 2009

Earrings in Shop Today

Got a few new pairs of earrings in the shop today. Still trying to broaden my horizons from just making bracelets all the time. ;)

Lightening on Lago Maggiore

Labradorite briolettes with a brilliant blue flash and tiny sterling silver balls all wrapped in sterling wire with french hooks. The bright flash in these reminds of lightening hitting water hence the name.

Slices of Summer

Grapefruit pink chalcedony and bright white pearls combine with glowing parrot green chalcedony to create summer's sweet treat.

Etsy seems to be running really slow this morning or it could be my internet connection. I might have to wait until this afternoon to add these. Please enjoy your weekend and go do something fun!


  1. i love the 2!!! one very chic and the other very punchy!! bravo!!

  2. Very yummy stones! I love both!

  3. Very're smart to add variety to your shop! I rarely ever make earrings...need to buy the new 101 Wire Earrings book by Denise Peck for some inspiration. Your "Slices of Summer" are my favorite.

  4. Earrings are always a challenge. I really like "The Perfect Match" by Sara Schwittek.

  5. Oh yes !!! The two are beautiful, but i loooove so much labradorite stones. I appreciate the delicate wire wrapping.

  6. Oh, i just forgot to answer to your question about my colorfull beads. They are resin beads.

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog.