Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Items for Thursday

Fixing the yard was quite an experience yesterday. My back is feeling it this morning but I think I leveled out most of the dirt and covered all the tire tracks. My daughter and the neighborhood kids decided they wanted to "help out". They worked for about 5 minutes and noticed that the boy across the street was watching them (they are all girls). So, needless to say, they lost interest in helping and decided to make a "fort" out of the bushes I was discarding. And when I asked them why they needed to build a fort they said "to hide from the boy staring at us". Two of the girls hid behind the fort while the third paced back and forth yelling, "Don't look at us! Don't look at us!" It was a real treat.

Ok, here's the two items for today.

Zen Mountain Cuff
Yellow turquoise with lots of variation. Greens, yellows, blacks, and even some blues are all in the mix. All held together with sterling wire.

Biltmore's Bleeding Hearts
Here I go once again with tourmaline. It's my favorite. A couple of pearls thrown in for some shine and an interesting clasp that reminds me of lily of the valley flowers for some strange reason. Feminine and classic!

Just one more day left until the weekend. Enjoy it!


  1. this littles girls are so cute!!
    well your bracelets are very very nice !! the firs one is very very interesting!!

  2. love the zen mtn cuff! beautiful!

  3. Thanks gals for the words of encouragement!